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One of the many burdens I have to bear is living with stoopid cats.  You know, as a Scottie, I am a born and bred cat killer, but I’ve never gotten to enjoy the taste of warm cat flesh and kitty cat blood because, since I was a puppy, anytime I give the cats a good ol’ Scottish Terrier chasin’, Mama yells “ANGUS, LEAVE THE CAT ALONE!”

Now, like all Scotties, I don’t pay too much mind to what the hoomans think, but the tone of the yell made me realize, at a young age, that I better pay attention to this order of the hooman, or as I like to call hooman orders, a “request.”

So today, Mama headed off to Chicago to see her Headache Doctor.  So it’s a stressful day for me – it means we have to guard Angus Manor vigorously from terrorists, criminals, hobos, joggers, and cyclists, ration our full bowls of food and water, and forgo any hand given treats.  But the worse thing of all is – we have to spend all day looking at the stoopid cats climb all over the counter!  IMG_3717