This Afternoon at Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises

“Mr. Bear, thank you for applying at Angus Fala Worldwide, and as you know, we are known especially for our core competencies of Vermin Protection, Home and Neighborhood Watch, Seminars in Scottitude, and import-exporter, but mainly importer, of Devil Balls.   But what do you think you can offer?  Why exactly should we hire you?

Mr Bear Interview

10 thoughts on “This Afternoon at Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises

  1. Bet he repolied “Cause with an Organisation like yours Sir you need some to get down and make sure the “BEAR” necessities are being covered correctly !!!!

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    1. I told him it had to go before the committee. Of course, the committee is only me – but I don’t need to tell him that in case we don’t offer him a job. That guy is pretty big you know.


      1. Fatso tan a very diplomatic office boring system.. You may want to adopt. He gave all his staff a vote and said he had his vote ➕ one reach for all of them!!! All his motions got carried..😂😂😂

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