I ACTUALLY Read the Wizard of Oz today!

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A Gray Saturday at Angus Manor, so I’ve decided to catch up on some reading.

I’ve watched the Wizard of Oz on TV many times, but today, I decided to actually read the Wizard of Oz.  WOW!  They really took some liberties with the movie!


That Dorothy was actually a Scottie names ANGUS and lived in Illinois?

The house that Angus was in landed in Vertically Challenged Land, and landed on the Wicked Witch of the East

Angus took the Ruby Red USB 16 GB Thumbdrive from the neck of the Wicked Witch of the East, and the Wicked Witch of the West, who watched everything via spyware installed on the thumbdrive, swore vengeance!

On the way to Oz to see the Wizard, Angus was joined by another Scottie named Ainsley, who wanted a brain, by Catman, who needed courage, and by Lord Zuckerberg, WHO NEEDED A HEART!

They finally made it to Oz but was disappointed – because it turns out the Wizard was a fraud, and was actually only a technical support agent from India, whose only suggestion was to unplug and plug back in the device.


27 thoughts on “I ACTUALLY Read the Wizard of Oz today!

  1. Sy Angus….you need to go into book writing………good version, especially the part of the Scottie Dog name Angus…….we just knew they had intermuts way back then.

    The Mad Scots

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    1. You should read it too. I left out a lot of details. Like when Angus bit a Husky on a bicycle and the staff was so spineless they were gonna let the Sheriff take Angus. And when the Vertically Challenged People were so excited the Wicked Witch of the East was killed by the house, and also they were equally excited because they just learned they got hired for a new job – Tom Cruise’s stuntdoubles. And the part where Angus accidentally on purpose wet on the Wicked Witch of the West’s carpet, and the wicked witch stepped on it, and it made her melt. And oh the end – Lord Zuckerberg took away everyone’s Facebook Account. Tell ya what, that Baum fella really was ahead of his time

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      1. Gosh that was a Spoiler Alert! Were you drinking heavily when you read the book or just high on life? Tom Cruise eh? This calls for a new movie. Zuckerberg could be the bad witch in drag. Do you know how you are going to click the heels of your ruby red slippers, or is that part still in development? Would also check to see if Meryl Streep could direct…..just some preliminary thoughts……


  2. Angus thanks, I’ll throw out my Cliffs Notes on the Wiz which I didn’t read either…. Maybe that should have been Witch I didn’t read…. There was a time everybody would ask me, after finding out my name is Dorothy “where’s Toto.” Don’t here that much, the Wiz is fading into the ethernets of our memories. Toto was actually a Border Terrier like Alfie, not heard from him for awhile…. ???? Oh I think the Wiz was written in Indiana. Have Ainsley check that out 🙂

    RE: book idea… 10 pages is a chapter- around 3,000 words… 10-15 Scotties each writing a chapter with photos…. Probably sell so well we could buy 51 percent of Facebook Inc stock then Zuckernerd would be our puppet…. Unless FB is currently being operated by the NSA????

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  3. Wowzers! They say the book is always better than the movie but those are some major liberties they took. Except for the Wizard being a tech support person in India named Bob and the Vertically Challenged People being Tom Cruise’s stunt doubles. That stuff was in the movie too, I think.

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  4. Oh ANGUS…how I , (we…~ me and Duncan Dolittle) miss you . !! Still living through the tears of losing all of our friends…your story and your post and your version …put a sparkle and a glint in my eye…and the biggest smile…that a Scottie dog could give to another living human being ..that is real…REAL …yep, ya got that Zuckerberg? I just happen to be a person, not a dog,I am a person WITH a dog and you have canned me from existing…oh how I love you Angus…for making me smile…Love to you , Ainsley , Catman and your Momma..hope the head is feeling light and breezy ….and happy . Gonna now go and slam the keyboard around to try to get some customer satisfaction…impossible from Facebook…no such thing as …Customer Service …there are NO tech supports from any country..nope …..not for a multi million dollar business…nope …no help …nope nope nope . ..

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    1. Really miss you LG and DD. Deleting pets and real people takes the joy out of morning coffee and catching up on friends. Our hearts are with you…LRC and F & G

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