My Daily Thanksgiving Turkey!

Thanksgiving TurkeyIt has been 4 years ago this month when I was diagnosed with Cushings (technically, it is Atypical Cushings, but whose quibbling – symptoms are about the same, and most of the meds I take, Demamarin and Vetoryl, are about the same as well), so I say that I get my Thanksgiving Turkey everyday.

I love my personal chef, Mr. Carl Buddig, who creates the turkey that the staff wraps my pills in two times a day.Β  And it is Turkey and all the trimmings too – as long as your definition of trimmings includes Modified Food Starch, Potasium Lactate, Dextrose, Sodium Phosphate, Caarageenan, Sodium Diacetate, Sodium Nitrate, Natural Flavorings, and my personal favorite, Sodium Erythorbate.

It’s All Good to me, as long as none of those fancy chemicals include any vegetables!

8 thoughts on “My Daily Thanksgiving Turkey!

    1. Vegetables are really bad for you. The cemetary is full of people who ate vegetables and fruits at some point during their lives. As my sis Ainsley might say, Scientific Fact – Non Debatable.


  1. Angus Fala, this Thanksgiving we are all grateful that you are amongst us, so thank you Chef Buddig for helping you take your meds….cause we want you around for a lot longer!

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  2. My two are also familiar with Carl Budding. Won’t eat their dog food without turkey or chicken in it. And would you believe they expect a treat for eating

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