Family Game Night

Good Times today at Angus Manor.

My hooman sister was home from Oklahoma for the weekend, and my hooman cousin, who is at Bradley University, came to visit.  We played this game called Pandemic – which is about preventing a disease from destroying the world.  It’s a collaborative game, which means all the players play together for a common goal.  Personally, I like to go solo, cause I’m a loner – a rebel – but I guess this new-age touchy feely we are all in this together why can’t we all get along a stranger is a friend we haven’t met yet culture isn’t big on cut-throat throw that witch off the cliff and see if she flies capitalism.  Sigh.  Welcome to Obama’s America I suppose.

IMG_3901Above –  me and my cousin are conferring about our next move.  The epidemic is getting fierce in Asia.  Watch out my Scottie buddies Ruffles & Munchkin in Singapore!

IMG_3903Ruh Roh – above we fixed the epidimic is Asia, but now it is trying to get a foothold in Paris.  Watch out my friends Figaro and Arsene in France!

IMG_3899Crisis in Europe averted – but oh oh, what’s this?  A breakout in  Brazil!  Watch out Raica and Logan in Sao Paulo!

IMG_3904It was a near thing, but we managed to pull out it out on the last move of the game.  Your Welcome, World!  Me and my cousin Summer are engaging in a celebratory Stare-Off!

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