Hey Kids! Let’s Play A Game of Low Intensity Asymetrical Warfare!

A little Game we played last night at Angus Manor

Game Conditions: I played the role of Russia, Ainsley played Ukraine, and the chewie that our friend Ficelle Scottie Terrier sent us got to play the role of a Geo-political Asset, in this case The Industrial Heartland of Eastern Ukraine.  Mama got to play the International Community, and Daddy, i.e. Catman, played the Mainstream Media, filming the whole thing.

Here’s how the game Works:

Me, playing Russia, tries to take the chewie, playing the role of Industrial Heartland of Eastern Ukraine, while Ainsley, playing Ukraine, tries to utilize said asset and at the same time keep me from taking it.  Because the Ukraine, i.e. Ainsley, knows she can’t win in open warfare, she has to move it while keeping the conflict low, and I try to take the asset, i.e. chewie, very low-key so I can avoid the condemnation of the International Community, i.e. Mama

Let’s Play the Game:

Looks like I, i.e Russia, lost, and didn’t get Eastern Ukraine, doesn’t it?  HAHA!  Jokes on you!  Once the Mainstream Media got bored and shut off the camera, (probably because the Kardeshians had a fight with Kanye or something), I took the asset, i.e Eastern Ukraine, i.e chewie, while Ainsley had to divert her attention to get a drink of water, i.e. tend to democratic needs that I, Russia, have no use of!  Mama, i.e the International Community, saw the whole thing but said nothing cause I didn’t revert to open warfare to take the asset, and besides, she doesn’t really want to upset me cause of my big bark, i.e Nuclear Weapons.

So once again, I win!

You might ask how come I didn’t get a chewie too, and only Ainsley had one.  Well, I did get one, but I already safely stored my asset in my heartland of the industrial area of Russia’s Ural Mountains.  (i.e – my stomach)

13 thoughts on “Hey Kids! Let’s Play A Game of Low Intensity Asymetrical Warfare!

  1. 5440 0r Fight ! The March of the Flag. Peace in our time. Speak softly but carry a big stick. Tear down this wall. I am a jelly donut (Ich bin ein Berliner) I have just begun to fight. Damn the torpedoes Let ’em eat cake.

    Angus, you are among the greats, destined for a page in Bartlett’s
    ……….Uncle Bob

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    1. Whitley – well, you made a mistake back a while back. When Ainsley came in the house, I immediately established a Zone of Hostility (TM-Angus Fala Enterprises) – that established me as top dog. To this day, Ainsley has never openly challenged me, much less growled or barked at me, and she’s gonna be 5 later this month.


  2. We operate like you do. VERY subtle, so as not to rile the Peeps, you just gotta plan your move at the right time!….OK I lied…it’s open warfare here, Missiles (Paws) flying everywhere!

    The Mad Scots

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