I Think We’re gonna Need a Bigger Electrical Grid

On my patrol last night – notice the next street has all their Christmas Lights up.  This is a neighbor’s house about 1/4 mile from Angus Manor.  We don’t go in for all this at the Manor – just a simple tree that the cats like to climb.

Angus & Griswolds 2014

10 thoughts on “I Think We’re gonna Need a Bigger Electrical Grid

  1. Gots our modest Christmas stuff up Sunday, but Dad did say that he noticed out lights dim about 6 last night….Mom starting singing “when the lights go out all over the world……”, so that must have been when those came on!

    The Mad Scots

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  2. Oh my!! Now that is the kind of decoration mom would love butt living in South Africa this is a) not common at all and b) not practical seeing as we had a 6 hour black out just a few days ago.
    Wally & Sammy


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