This ain’t good! His 1st day on the job, and Mr. Bear is already causing me grief!

Reprimand 2Exhibit A: Cat and Mr. Bear

17 thoughts on “This ain’t good! His 1st day on the job, and Mr. Bear is already causing me grief!

  1. Why not send him over to consort (spy) on the real enemy~~Lord Zuckenberg… I think a FB account is in order for Mr. Bear. *whispers* you do NOT want to be charged with species discrimination … That could turn ugly.

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    1. You know, it does make me feel free. I don’t have to worry about Lord Zuckerberg looking over my shoulder, and I can write as long as my little paws will take. And post a lot of pictures, and tell a story with them.

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  2. Mr. Biggie Bear is already engaging in office politics, Sir? He looks a bit smug in Exhibit A. Maybe he’s learned his lesson, but this ain’t lookin’ good .

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  3. Mark my words, he’ll be like Bartelby the Scrivener……….He won’t leave ! The Devil Ball Army will have to throw the rascal out..Uncle Bob

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  4. Well… it doesn’t look like he has started to eat your food stock pile….maybe, just maybe he’s getting the down low on the proper operation around there….cause you know…the cat knows !

    The Mad Scots

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  5. Oh my….consorting with the enemy, for sure! Do you suppose he is actually a spy for the opposition? I can’t think you can take this business of snuggling up to enemy forces lightly….are we certain that reprimand is enough? Watch your back, Sir…


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