Graduation Day

The Pageantry that is the Angus Fala Devil Ball Graduation Ceremony – click on this picture to see a full screen of this wonderful event.

I didn’t post anything this weekend, because I was busy for a very solemn ceremony.  Graduation day at Angus Manor.

15 Devil Ball recruits have been trained at Angus’s Devil Ball Boot Camp and Hell Week (another fine service of Angus Fala Worldwide – Defense Industries).

Now, these Devil Ball Soldiers, newly commissioned Private First Class in the Scottie Army, will be dispatched, literally, around the world.

As you see above, I am addressing the new troops, which are attentively listening to me on the rug in front of me, while the rest of my army listens in rapt attention.

I told the new soldiers the following in their graduation address:

Always stick to your cover story.  Always.  Never tell the truth, even when it’s obvious you are lying.

Don’t give a North Korean Hacker your username and password.

Remember – a stranger is an enemy you haven’t met yet.

And finally – Wear Sunscreen.  The long term benefits of sunscreen have been proven by scientists.

Here you can see another view of my awe-inspiring and modest lecture:

Addressing the Troops – click on picture to enlarge

16 thoughts on “Graduation Day

    1. Well, won’t be as large tomorrow – 15 are being shipped out in the morn. They down the hall now getting rowdy. You ever heard 15 devil balls drinking and carousing and singing 101 bottles of puddle water on the wall? It’s a terrible sound. They sing as bad as Britney Spears – it’s a crime against humanity

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    1. See Snoopy on the piano? Right off Mr. Bear’s left shoulder? He was playing Pomp and Scottiestance. It’s like Pomp and circumstance, but with a bagpipe section.


  1. Oh Angus, you are such a real inspiration, bet those Devil Ball are really ready to get out there and protect us with hours of fun

    Outstanding class Sgt. Angu
    The Mad Scots

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