Grooming Day!

Today is the worst day of all – grooming day.

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Here I am before the grooming –

And here is Ainsley pleading with Catman (aka Daddy) to not let the groomer take her.  Pitiful.

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The groomer said we did “ok.” – and time now for your teachable moment.  Never let a groomer say that you were “good,” or “sweet,” or anything like that.  You want to be “bad”, “difficult,” or preferably “we had to call the ambulance to take the groomer to the hospital.  We think her finger might can be reattached.”  That’s what I’m shooting for next time.  But for now, I have to live we “ok.”

And we’re back now at Angus Manor.  Post grooming pics to come later.

Sgt. Angus

8 thoughts on “Grooming Day!

      1. Age discrimination lawsuit coming up. C’mon over, stay here and we’ll both picket the world HQ of PetSmart together. I go past the building all the time.


  1. Welll…this we understand…WE don’t like it…at all….but we understand the process, and our groomer has her own Scotties….so she treats us like GOLD (That we are).

    The Mad Scots

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  2. Good God, Angus Fala, is your Groomer the Wicked Witch of the North? I know your philosophy is that you should only be taken screaming and kicking to theGroomer…but poor Ainsley? I think a change would do you good.


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