Sunday Afternoon Drive

Here at Angus Manor, after church, we like to go on a Sunday drive.  It typically consists of a swing through McDonald’s and heading out of town to do a little barking at the cows.  So we all piled into the Angus Mobile, wearing our sunday bests – me and Ainsley in our standard issue Scottie skirts, and Mr. Bear wearing his shorts and no shirt – and took off.  See picture below.

Click to Enlarge Pic

Well – we hadn’t even made it to McDonald’s, before our local Po-Po (that would be Police for those of you who are cool-impaired) decide to pull us over.  Obviously, a textbook case of PROFILING.  Well, Ainsley and I wanted to get out and bark at the cop that we were gonna sic Al Sharpton on him, but Mr. Bear, calmly handled things, produced his driver’s license (see below), and the police officer bid us a good day, and let us go on  our way.

Mr.BearDriversLicenseLet that be a lesson to you kids out there – a Bear With Credentials is a wonderful thing.

Drive on!

Sgt. Angus Fala

9 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Drive

  1. Thanks for the translation of PO-PO. Clearly, I am cool impaired. I agree that this was a case of profiling, though. Al Sharpton and Eric Holder need to be contacted immediately if not sooner.

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