Bad Time of the Year for Break-ins Here in the Neighborhood

Every year about this time virtuallyevery house in the neighborhood gets broken into.  The crime normally happens at night.  It’s always the same perpetrator, or so it seems.  I’ve checked around, and I’ve worked up a physical description of the suspect.

He is a male, race is Caucasian, obese, with gray hair and gray facial hair.  Wears a suit, red in color.  Typical M.O. is entering residences through the roof area.  Known to steal baked goods and dairy products (i.e. milk and cookies).

AngusXmasnightI’ve instituted nightly patrols and sentry duty, as you see here from last night.  This crime ain’t goin’ down this year.  Not this time.  Not on my watch.  I got this.

Sgt. Angus Fala

11 thoughts on “Bad Time of the Year for Break-ins Here in the Neighborhood

  1. Dog on duty, oops I mean tuff Scot on duty. You know you must take over the job of butt biting as Haagis has lost his FB license. Whats that got to do with man in read, its anyones guess.

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  2. Boy….now we feel better just knowing you are on duty…….we are tired of lossing all those cookies every year and we never get any!

    The Mad Scots

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  3. Hahaha…….thought ‘break-ins only happened here in S.A. You’re talking about the other kind of ‘break-ins’. Those kind are nice for us here too. Only we leave a beer and not milk and cookies. It’s very hot for the man in the red suit when he arrives in our neck of the woods, so beer is the thing to be offering.


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