Safety First at Angus Fala Worldwide International

We are happy here at Angus Manor, Worldwide HQ for Angus Fala Worldwide International, that Hooman Sister is spending the Christmas week with us from her home in Oklahoma.

But did she have to bring her cats tooooooooooooo?

A little background – As you may know, we live with twin gray cats, Herman and Lily.  As cats go, they don’t give us no trouble.  They never slap us or hiss at us, and know their place is to stay on high ground and occasionally push down some treats or food on the floor so we Scotties can confiscate.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not soft on cats – I know cats are vermin but we tolerate Herman & Lily, pretty much most of the time, cause if we give chase we immediately hear from the staff “ANGUS – AINSLEY – LEAVE THE CATS ALONE!!!”   So we have a detente toward the cats.  We don’t view them as real , but we grudgingly tolerate them as long as they stay high – literally.

However, this week it is a different story.  Hooman sis brought her cats from Oklahoma.  I call them Diablo Uno and Diablo Dos, because they are evil personified – or in this case, catified.  They hiss, they slap, they bite, they fight, they open cabinets, they jump on things – in short they are pure 100% unadulterated evil.

So because I want to be safe, I wear my safety gear around these cats.  Like you see here…when Diablo Dos had the high ground on me, and can reign destruction on my head, I decided it was time to don my hard hat.  Now, I just need to find my safety goggles.

December 2014 Construction Site
click pic to enlarge

9 thoughts on “Safety First at Angus Fala Worldwide International

  1. Life is tough in the fast lane!!! Hard hat good thing and definitely find those safety googles!
    Maybe you should slip them some nip and they too will remain high ….totally forget about you and the Ains.

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  2. We too know the invasion of a terror disguised as a guest. The Zoey monster came over Thanksgiving and then…..we endured her at the Cincinnati headquarters. We had to rest up big time after that….Happy Christmas Angus, Ainsley, hooman Sis and hoomans! OK to all the cats too.

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  3. Angus we agree with you, cats are a no no. Looking at this picture, I see a broom next to you and a cat carrier on the other side of the table. Can’t you take hold of that broom, knock the cat down off the table and sweep it into the carrier? Job done and that’s one of them out of the way?

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