In the Book Of Scotties, it is written that Scotties view cats as Vermin.  And a Scottish Terrier is supposed to eliminate his planet of all Vermin.  That is the mission we have been tasked with and we take it seriously.  All Scotties, even my dwarf Scottie sister Ainsley, know this.

Unfortunately, no one told my hooman staff.

I have lived with cats since day one here at Angus Manor.  When I arrived on the scene on Father’s Day, 2001, there were 3 here – a 17 year old Black Cat named Prissy, an 8 year old Siamese named Dinah, and a long haired orange boy named Pickles. I learned quickly they all have their claws, and if I chase them, I get reprimanded by the staff.  Well, the three original cats have all moved on to the cat equivalent of the rainbow bridge, 3 other cats have come and gone from the manor, and now we only have the gray haired twins, Herman and Lily.  As Cats go, they seem ok.  Never give me trouble, and never would dare to lay a paw on me in anger.  In fact, sometimes they snuggle up to me when I am sleeping, and I don’t pay them any attention.  They aren’t family, but I know to leave them alone, so I pretty much ignore them.  anguscatAnd here’s what sometimes makes me appreciate cats.  Occasionally, hoomans will have a bag of food on the counter, and since cats have counter privileges here and the skills to jump up to high spaces, they will sometimes push the bag of food down to Scottie level.  Sweet!  And sometimes, the hoomans forget to put the catfood out of Scottie paw reach, and there is nothing more delicious than cat food, except maybe the cat litter poo hors d’oeuvres.   Here I am partaking in some delicious forbidden cat food.catfood4

So I am open minded enough to appreciate the feline species.  As you see here…Angus Hello KittyHowever, for the past week, Hooman sister has been visiting us.  And while her presence is most welcome, she brought her two evil cats – Diablo Uno and Diablo Dos.  And they are pure unmitigated undiluted evil.  They get into everything, always thinking of ways to cause trouble, and aren’t above trying to hiss at me and  slap me with their claws.

So I have been reading a volume out of the Non-Fiction section of the Angus Manor Library – and I am quite concerned.  Diablo Uno and Dos are supposed to be leaving tomorrow.  Til then, I think I will be sleeping with one eye open.CatBookDec2014

Talk to you next week – I hope!

Sgt. Angus Fala

8 thoughts on “Cats!

  1. I hate cats-I’m a bird after all. Kyla loved cats. When she was rescued, there were cats in the same predicament and Kyla got along great with them. Birds of a feather …


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