Last Daytime Patrol of the Year

2014 Dec 31 Last PatrolTo: Scottie High Command
From: Sgt. Angus Fala
Date: 31 December 2014
Time: 08:00 Local Time
Location: Local Proximity and Environs, Firebase Angus Fala

Description: Went on a patrol this morning with Private Ainsley McKenna.  Seen here, you can tell we went out equipped in our Winter Gear, as the actual temperature was 1 degree Fahrenheit (-17 degrees Celsius), with a windchill approaching negative 10.  Ainsley was wearing her full dress Battle Scottie Uniform, as supplied by Scottie Logistics – Southern Division (B. Murray- Australia).  I have lost far much to weight to wear my dress uniform from Ms. Murray, so I had to wear just a conventional sweater.  Even then, it just hanged off me. Normally, as you know, I mock Scotties that wear their sweaters when it is like 40 degrees, but once we approach zero, we appreciate the warmer gear.

Enemy Encounters: None.  Very quiet.  We did get barked at by the Yorkies from their position in the front window of the next door house, but they are not hostile.  Just stoopid.

Unless an emergency arises, my next communication will be in 2015.


Sgt. Angus Fala

7 thoughts on “Last Daytime Patrol of the Year

    1. No one believes the weather CAN be Ok in Alaska! 35 above again today. It is unusual this time of year. BUT!! Still 35.
      Does make the road slick …

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  1. Glad all is ok there and under control, we getting ready to light of some rockets here, will make sure all is ok for New Years. Home you guys have a Happy New Year

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  2. All the best to you and Staff in 2015, Angus Fala. Thanks for taking that cold walk on behalf of your Scottie Nation.

    Your devoted public in North Carolina

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