Well Well Well – Look what the Paternity Lawyer Dragged in…


So this morning, we were sitting around the conference table at Angus Manor, celebrating Ainsley’s 5th Birthday yesterday by pointing out all her shortcomings when we had a knock on the door….


“Who is it? “I barked?

“Is there a Mr. Biggie Bear here?,” said the man in the suit with the slick backed oily hair

“Yes, he is an unpaid intern here at Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises” I growled

“I’m a Dallas Texas Attorney.Β  My name is Dewey Cheatem, and I have something for Mr. Bear – HERE!Β  It’s his son!”

Well, lo and behold, we now have a Hippie Bear Cub at the Manor.Β  I asked Mr. Bear to explain himself – and he said “well, boss, it was a turbulent time, and I was working as an undercover bear at an anti war protest rally in Austin, and let’s just say it was me…it was her…a bottle of tequlia…love in the air…and a night of passion”


Well, this kinda makes the year in review of Ainsley’s shortcomings pale in significance, I’d say.

11 thoughts on “Well Well Well – Look what the Paternity Lawyer Dragged in…

  1. Are there any other skeletons in Mr. Bear’s closet ? Is he square with the IRS? Are his transcripts legit? Are his military records verifiable? Does he have a rap sheet? What about his immigration status ? Marital situation? Child support payments? I think your HRH people need to do a re-check. Beware a hostile take-over.
    Uncle Bob

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  2. Did he drop some Acid whist in the throes of passion? Little bear looks like a Dead Head, or a little Hippie to me. Happy New Year, all of you!

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  3. Hummmmmmmm….your right, that kinda makes one think Anisleys ain’t so bad after all….who really cares what she did after seeing Jr. Bear!

    The Mad Scots


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