7 Things You Don’t know about me

My Scottie friend in England, The Barony Of MacDonald Low-bro, asked that I report on 7 things that might not be commonly known about me.  That has been tough – cause my life has been an open book and an open website, as reported on angusfala.com.  But here goes.

1. I’m a giver not a taker.  I give commands, I don’t take commands.  I give orders, I don’t take orders.  I give out punishment.  I don’t take punishment.

2.  I used to be a ball obsessed Scottie.  Until I was about 10 or so, I only wanted to play with the ball.  That’s it.  I’ve slowed down a lot – and since then I have met other ball obsessed Scotties.  Bee Bee Bruch is ball obsessed, and also Lucy…about like I used to be

Toy Gone
– from 5 or 6 years ago. I’m looking for a ball I dropped. I never found it though, unfortunately. –

3. I used to love to observe gravity.  I was known for going to this nature park, taking my tennis ball to a drop into the creek, and then dropping the ball into the creek.  Then I would obsess with going in the water and trying to find the ball (that’s what I’m doing here, in this 5 year old picture).  I also would take my balls to bed, and drop them in the little space between the headboard and the wall, and then bark because I couldn’t get the ball anymore.  Mama used to LOVE that…he hee.

4.  I have grown comfortable with my Scottie sister Ainsley.  We don’t sit around in a bit Scottie ball, and I don’t act happy to see her when she comes home, but I don’t actively hate her, and rarely implement the zone of hostility anymore.

5. I don’t like traveling that much.  About once or twice a week I go on car rides, but I usually sleep in the back.  Unlike Ainsley – who loves to go on a car ride.

6. I can still get around for a Scottie of nearly 14.  I can, when I want to, give out a burst of energy.  But I can’t outrun anyone anymore.

7.  I am nearly deaf.  Not Scottie I can’t pay attention to you, but I can’t really hear very good out of my big ears anymore.
So that’s 7 things you may not know about me.

Please Call Scottie Rescue!

So mama goes off today to Bloomington to see a theatrical re-release of her favorite movie star, Cary Grant, and one of her favorite movies,  North by Northwest. 


The roads got unexpectedly icy – wrecks and ditched cars everywhere – so she has to spend the night overnight in Bloomington! 

That means Ainsley & I are in the care of Catman and his 2 stoopid cats! A nightmare of Hitchcockian proportions!
Now we are In the basement watching his favorite movie star, Liam Neeson,  and one of his favorite movies, Taken 2!!!


Please call Scottie Rescue – and not the scottie rescue that consists of  kindly people with foster scotties and adoptions and good hearts – but the Scottie Rescue that consists of tattoo adorned Scottish Terriers, chomping cigars and wearing  kevlar vests while riding in to my rescue on black hawk helicopters and  high caliber weaponry!

Me on the couch, Ainsley on the floor, studiously avoiding looking at Liam Neeson

Sunday Snowy Midday Patrol


Patrol time and day: 13:00 24 Jan 2015
Weaponry expended: None

Narrative: very quiet today. Except for a brief flurry of incoming acoustic salvos from an unidentified canine in a mobile unit, nothing encountered. We didn’t return fire – we never fire without knowing what we are firing at, that’s called good fire control discipline. No non-battle injuries either, though snow in the paws is always a threat.  Next patrol scheduled for tonight.

Sgt. Angus Fala

Breakfast time, ya’ll!

2015 January Grits

Ainsley and I are Wisconsin Scotties.  Bred & Born in Janesville, Wisconsin behind the cheddar curtain.

Our hooman staff, though, are Southerners.  Well, Mama was born in Indiana, but raised in Georgia, and Catman born and raised in Georgia.    But they’ve lived up here with us Yankees for the past 25 years.

They don’t have many Southern characteristics that they have retained – except maybe their accents.  But one Southern dish they will eat is grits.  And quite frankly, though I’m a Yankee Scottie, I like the grits myself too.  I never do the ol’ sniff and sneer at Mama’s grits!

Mama doesn’t try to make them from scratch.  My late great hooman grandmama did – and boy, were they good!  Mama makes the instant kind, and they are pretty good.  And let me give you guys a cooking tip.  Go easy on the water.  You don’t need nearly as much water in the bowl as they say.  Last  thing you want is watery grits.  And you don’t need anything in there – except maybe butter.  Butter goes together with grits like stubbornness goes with a Scottie.

So grits are the one southern dish that me and Ainsley thoroughly enjoy.  Catman’s boiled peanuts though?  Bleech!

Happy eating!

Chef Angus

My last Christmas Present???

021I got some wonderful Christmas Presents this year, from friends all over the world.  Last week, I got a big box from good friends Princess Peyton and Handsome Jack in Chicago- and in there was the new addition to my staff, Senor Polka Dot Scottie.  That’s me to the right (Since I am not Festively Plump, and Ainsley is becoming heavier by the minute, we are harder to tell apart), Senor Polka in the middle, and Ainsley looking in the box for more stuff from Princess Peyton.