Undercover Scottie

Today, I decided to take a page out of the TV Show “Undercover Boss.”  I put on a disguise, and headed in to Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises to see how my employees behave when I am not around.

Waiting to Enter Angus Fala Worldwide – observing the action from the outside lookin’ in

But I had a snag.  I think the employees are on to me.  They handed me a treat when I came around their desk, just like they normally do.  I don’t understand.  Just like the boss on the TV show, I wore a disguise.  I wore a new snazzy red plaid collar, instead of my normal old snazzy blue plaid collar.  Don’t understand this at all.  How did they know?  I bet that Ainsley tipped them off.

From Today in my Red Collar – notice the treat they gave me, and I dropped it in stunned disbelief. (Of course, I ate it eventually – my mama didn’t raise no Scottie Fool)
From a couple of months ago, wearing my usual work outfit – the blue collar. See the difference???? I look dramatically different than I did today

15 thoughts on “Undercover Scottie

  1. The only employee I would want to follow is that newly-hired Mr Bear. The rest seem to be turning profits via third-world countries and banana republics and contributing to corporate welfare………..Uncle Bob

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      1. Angus, you may be sorry for that comment. I always try to buy you things you need or want. Liberace indeed my boy. Aunt Judy is not happy.

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    1. Sequins would definitely add mystique- rembrr you want to be in disguise- who would ever thing the great Angus F would be in sequins and shades of course.

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  2. Fergus and Guinness can understand your confusion. However upon further ponderance we can see you in your blue collar as an everyday blue collar worker. However the red collar screams executive. Those employees are probably just plain nice…hence a biscuit for anyone.

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  3. I think fergusnguinness are on to something there. Perhaps Aunt Judy could work on some kind of disguise for that new collar………just for those visits you understand. Once you had visited you could dump that disguise and adopt another for the next visit.

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  4. Angus Fala, taking a note from Uncle Bob’s comment, I can only say…..When Aunt Judy and Uncle Bob ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. A little Las Vegas action would have really thrown AWWEE (Angus World Wide Enterprises Employees) off track completely. Everybody who doesn’t like a little sequin action is just plain CRAZY. I am not sure how Aunt Judy would have put all those diamond rings on your paws, but hey, she is the MASTER of costume. Mr Bear could have dragged in the piano, and Ainsley could have mixed the cocktails….Remember, hair of the dog is a GOOD THING. Then, while AWWEE were half crocked, you could have negotiated a new benefits and salary package. I call this a missed opportunity.


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