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Today, I decided to take a page out of the TV Show “Undercover Boss.”  I put on a disguise, and headed in to Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises to see how my employees behave when I am not around.


Waiting to Enter Angus Fala Worldwide – observing the action from the outside lookin’ in

But I had a snag.  I think the employees are on to me.  They handed me a treat when I came around their desk, just like they normally do.  I don’t understand.  Just like the boss on the TV show, I wore a disguise.  I wore a new snazzy red plaid collar, instead of my normal old snazzy blue plaid collar.  Don’t understand this at all.  How did they know?  I bet that Ainsley tipped them off.


From Today in my Red Collar – notice the treat they gave me, and I dropped it in stunned disbelief. (Of course, I ate it eventually – my mama didn’t raise no Scottie Fool)


From a couple of months ago, wearing my usual work outfit – the blue collar. See the difference???? I look dramatically different than I did today