After a Hard Day of Patrollin’ and Sentry Dutyin’

As a Accredited and Registered Member of Scottie Nation, and as a senior Sergeant in the Scottie Army, my days are filled with training, sentry duty, and patrolling the mean and dangerous streets of my home.

So come evening time, I relish coming in to the warm barracks, get some chow (Mama hates it when I call Angus Manor a barracks, and her food chow, but hey, military lingo is an important means of quick efficient communications) and take a load off my feet andrelax in the den.

And pull out of my skirt an imported Connecticut Chewie courtesy of Katherine (hooman mama of my first internet friend – the late great Scottie named Liz, taken out by a single small solitary tick who gave her Lyme Disease) and her new Wheaten Pup named Grace..

So that’s it troops.  Time for a break.  Take five, and “Chew Em If You Got Em”

AngusChewemifyougotemSgt. Angus Fala

7 thoughts on “After a Hard Day of Patrollin’ and Sentry Dutyin’

  1. Well, we certainly agree, after a hard days work a fella is entitled to a little relaxing Chew!

    The Mad Scots


  2. You are so dedicated Sgt Angus. You always have control of any situation. Yeh, I agree that you are entitled to your down time in the evening. That chew is going to take you a longgggg time. Enjoy


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