Saturday at Angus Manor

Angus Log –  Saturday January 10, 2014.

I woke up the hoomans at 7:15 am…barking.  Apparently, they foolishly and irresponsibly thought they could sleep in because it is the weekend.  Nope.  Not gonna happen.  I have things to do, no rest for the weary.

Hooman tried to give me some meds, and as per usual, put it in Carl Buddig Turkey.  (I used to get them in Greenies Pill Pockets, but I started rejecting those back in 2012).  They didn’t adequately wrap my pills, so the first turkey slice I got the turkey, but the pills fell out.  Here is the picture right after it happened.

-The green/black pill in the far right corner is my Vetoryl ($3 a pill, the big blue pill is my Demamarin, the little white one is my Melatonin-
-The green/black pill in the far right corner is my Vetoryl ($3 a pill, the big blue pill is my Demamarin, the little white one is my Melatonin-

Then, after I got my pills, I rested a bit, then time for my midday patrol.  It was about 10 degrees, but not much wind.  I went out wearing Ainsley’s Dress Uniform, cause my dress uniform from Scottie Logistics, Southern Command (Australia) doesn’t fit me anymore, since I lost so much weight this year.  And Ainsley prefers to go au naturel…cause she is a bit of a non-conformist hippie, I believe.

– Here I am in Ainsley’s Battle Dress Uniform on a snowy Saturday afternoon –

Well, we were especially on the lookout today for the French Female Terrorist, but I can say with certainty she is not in the neighborhood.  Apparently, no Huskies, Bicyclists, Joggers, Vagrants, Thieves, or Airedales were in the ‘hood either today.  We saw no one.  So no acoustic salvos had to be fired.  We did take one casualty though.  Ainsley started limping half way through the patrol, whining she had snow stuck in her paw.  Well, a few slaps by me to her head, and some berating she is a yellow belly coward, and we got her on the move again.  Morale is my middle name, and the beatings will continue until morale improves.  So here is the combat photograph as Ainsley and I enter the gate to enter the Angus Manor Compound.

– Ainsley in front of the picture looking stoopid, and me looking smart, in full dress reds –

Well, we then earned a well deserved rest.  As you see here, I am relaxing on my pillows, while the stoopid cats are lounging around in Mama’s lap.  If you notice the white dots on my beard and snout it is the snow melting.  After such a grueling patrol, we rested all day.

– Resting in the Entertainment Room – Barracks –

Well, a pretty uneventful Saturday.  But as we say in the Scottie army, any Saturday you can walk away from is a good one.  See you Sunday.


Sgt. Angus Morale Fala

5 thoughts on “Saturday at Angus Manor

  1. Nice report sir and must i say very brave of you to adopt Ainsleys decoy Red battle snow gear….. Mind y you the relaxing looks like the easy to go.. Corner here today sir.. 90F but still many obstacles to encounter on patrol. The sneakiest being the pesky bull ants then gets caught in your get and you know it… Tell Ainsleyt to toughen up she aint seen nuffin until she gets a bull ant bite..😂😂😂

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  2. Sheesh, Angus. You slap poor Ainsley upside the head because snow got in her paws? Good thing you weren’t here yesterday when Ben started screaming in pain from snow and salt getting stuck in his paws. Plus he was shivering from the cold. It’s tough out there, Sarge.

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