Thinking Thursdays

I spend my days, here in my 14th year, staring at the back door. Mama opens the door, i stand there, she shoves me outside, and I immediately turn around and stare at the door from the outside.
She opens the door, I stand there, and she drags me inside by my collar. And then the cycle repeats,  til bedtime.



9 thoughts on “Thinking Thursdays

  1. Mama fails to realize you are multi-talented. Being an aesthete is one of your more subtle traits. We know you as a military strategist, gourmand, and financial whiz. Your strongest suit is your ability to manipulate hoomans….Uncle Bob

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  2. Angus Fala, I am confident that Mama does not drag or shove you…she gently guides you to and fro. That being said, you are such a cerebral soul, that I am confident your true strategy is to get Mama moving so she can squeeze in some gentle exercise. Well done, mission accomplished. About how many times per day do you so engage her? I don’t think she is getting to those pesky 10,000 steps, you may need to step up your game……

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