Situation this weekend – BUSY!

We are at Defcon t2015Jan16SnowAttention!  May I have your attention please?

This weekend’s High will be 40 degrees, which will be, I think, 4C to you Non-American Scotties.  Very warm for winter time.

And if my 14 winters are any guide, a break in the cold weather means everyone is gonna be out there.  Walkers, Runners, Bicyclists, Terrorists, Hobos, Huskies, Foo-Foo Dogs, and maybe even the dreaded cat in a stroller.

So make sure you have plenty of rounds of Acoustic Salvos (barks) – both long, medium and short range units.  And be ready for some close action growling and howling.  And grab your Standard Scottie Issue Polymer Based Attack Repellent Cranium Cover (PBARCC – or Helmets to you non-military vocabulary impaired out there) and work that fence line.

Be careful – I’d like to see you all back here on Monday.

Hooyah!  Sgt. Angus Fala

5 thoughts on “Situation this weekend – BUSY!

  1. Hooyah, Sgt…gonna be 63 here, we are on it, fence line check for holes, been warming up the vocla cords for attack mode, we are ready!

    The Mad Scots


  2. Well said pennyandthecount. We are not far behind your 101F and these PBARCs get mighty hot. We have been busy shooting acoustic salvos at the enemy over the wall. Their Foo-Foo dog and their wimpy staffie have been wailing acoustic salvos cause their hoomans have been in and out all day and leaving them behind. Most annoying.


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