Snow day

Got a bit of snow last night.

On the health front,  still a little digestive issues, but haven’t thrown anything up.  I haven’t touched my dry food in about 10 days- but then again neither has ainsley.  I took my Cushings and appetite stimulation pill good this morning with my turkey,  and then a little while ago took my powder meds mixed in with tuna.   I ate the tuna very well.  Seafood good for you, you know. 


Good Wednesday Morning

Hello World:

I’m here.  Last night, I managed to throw up all my meds…my Cushings meds, my new pill to enhance my appetite, my turkey, my rx canned dog food, and this Epakitin powder.  Mama said it was a massive amount, as vomits go.  But I promptly wanted to gobble it back up, and Ainsley wanted to help.  We were thwarted though.

An uneventful night…slept in my usual place, which the past few weeks isn’t on the bed, but a pile of clothes the hoomans have thoughtfully left piled by the side of the bed.  Went the hoomans woke up at 5, they were a little concerned to see my bowl of water still full.  But then I waddled in there and drank all the water all up.  In my patented laying down position.  Why stand when you can sit, and why sit when you can lay, right?  it’s a soldier’s motto.


Then I went downstairs, went outside.  And me and Ainsley launched a flurry of auditory salvos at a Golden walking across the street.  I’m certain the neighbors must appreciate our efforts at aural warnings before 6 am.

Then I came in, ate a treat, and ate my cushings meds in my turkey.  Hooman gave me a couple of extra slices of turkey for good measure.

Here’s hoping we all have a good day.


Sgt. Angus

Certified Enemy of Huskies, Pitbulls, Labs, Airedales, Cushings, and now Lymphoma

ANOTHER UPDATE 5:15 PM UPDATED 2:30 PM: Time For a Visit to Dr. Pokey

Heading today to Dr. Pokey for a weigh in.

Depending on what we see, we will probably get an appointment.  See, I’ve been losing weight – a lot of weight, lately.  And yesterday, I didn’t eat a treat.  This morning, I didn’t eat all of a boiled egg.  And I haven’t touched my dog food in about a week.  (I’ve been surviving on a diet of Pupperoni treats, turkey slices, and cushings meds…and purloined cat food when I can get it.

Here I am today in my pink bed:

2015Feb24PinkBed And here ago a year ago.  Notice how much more Festively Plump I was back then:

005I reached a high of nearly 28 pounds back in 2012.  I was 26 pounds last Summer.  Last weigh in at the vet, around Christmas, I was around 21.

I hope it’s not related to my Cushings or something else serious.


Just got home.  I weighed in at 19.9 pounds, which is the least I’ve weighed since I was a young pup back in 2001.  So, hoomans asked for an appointment and they said a Dr. Pokey was free if we wanted to see one now.

So I saw Pokey.  She took some blood out of my right front leg, and I screamed like a little school girl Scottie.  So she then took it out  of my left front leg, and I was fine with that.  She felt my lymph nodes, and said they felt bigger than normal.

So then we waited about a half hour.  Ainsley was out in the van, so hoomans brought her in.  Out came Dr. Pokey and a second Dr. Pokey, and they said my red blood level is only 18%…it should be something like 37%.  It was 34% in November.  And some other levels…a liver, maybe a kidney…was really high.  She said that, and because of my lymph nodes, points to Lymphoma to her.

She said to be sure, I’d need to go VCA in Aurora, Illinois.

She said she would normally treat me with steroids, but I can’t have steroids, because I’m a Cushings Dog.

She said my options were to eat canned prescription food, sprinkle some powder on it that will make me feel better, give me an appetite stimulator…and that might give me more time of being comfortable.

Or, go to VCA, and if they did chemo on me, I might get a year.  Maybe.

We don’t know what we are going to do.  Hoomans don’t want to put me through a lot of vet stuff, since even best case, I am a very old Scottie.  But at the same time, we don’t want to not do something we might regret.

Boy – I sure was hoping to make it to May when I turn 14, and my friend Penny’s hoomans are coming to visit me all the way from Australia.  But at least the canned food sure is tasty.

Here I am eating my canned food this afternoon.  Ainsley is trying to test my zone of hostility (which has pretty much gone to nothing since I’ve been feeling poorly), and even the cats are lurking about.  But I ate it all.

2015 February 24 EatingUPDATE: 5:15 PM

Hooman called VCA in Aurora.  I’m seeing an oncologist Monday at 9 am.

Mama’s Home!

Mama got home Saturday night from her week in Georgia.  Here’s her scottie homecoming in pictures  (you can click on each picture to blow them up and make them suitable for framing and gift exchange…I post this size on the blog though to make your internet quicker to load.  Just another way that I strive here at Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises to make your life better!)

wpid-20150221_195011.jpgWhat you bring me Mama?

wpid-20150221_195016.jpgA tennis ball?  Thanks!

wpid-20150221_195037.jpgWhat else? (Notice tennis ball now behind us by the fridge)


wpid-20150221_195054.jpgMaybe something in this suitcase?



wpid-20150221_195118.jpgI’m gonna look in here again – maybe there’s some food to go along with the ball

Early Check-In

wpid-2015-02-18-15.32.01.jpg.jpeg As you read yesterday, we had reservations for the uber exclusive Aunt Judy Inn for tonight.   Well, this morning, the proprietor of the Aunt Judy Inn – Aunt Judy herself – called and notified the staff that we qualified for early check in. So, as soon as we got finished at the spa, and had our baths and hair cuts and nails trimmed, I packed my green bag of essentials – food, bowl, Cushings meds, turkey to wrap the meds, and a sweater – and checked in to the Inn. You see above Aunt Judy herself operating the door of her establishment. Her doorman must be off duty today.

So, you won’t hear much from me til checkout tomorrow. And I requested late check out.  Me and Ainsley will be doing a lot of this – relaxing with Uncle Bob in the recliner in the lobby. Til tomorrow – Angus image

I Have My Reservations!

I have my reservations booked at the Aunt Judy Inn.  That’s right, tomorrow night, I have booked a stay, with late check in guaranteed at the Aunt Judy Inn, and will get a break from this cat-infested Hellhole, which will be a welcome respite until Mama comes home from Georgia.

If you aren’t familiar with the Aunt Judy Inn, it is run by two proprietors – Aunt Judy and Uncle Bob.  They aren’t my real Aunt or Uncle, but as the owners of 5 Scotties over their career (though their last one passed away a couple of years ago), they thoroughly understand their Scottie guests.

Scottish Terrier Resort & Travel Magazine gives their establishment 4 paws up.  Conde Scottie Nast Magazine heartily recommended them in their Holiday 2014 Issue.   And National Geographic Terrier Traveler featured the Aunt Judy Inn in the Summer of 2013.

However, you won’t find it on Expedia or Priceline or Travelocity or Orbitz.  Oh no – to stay at the Aunt Judy Inn you must be invited.  It’s that exclusive.

Here are some pictures of one of our recent visits.   Not an overnight stay in this case, but we went for an event – Ainsley’s 5th Birthday Party.  They have ample kitchen facilities to accommodate that as well.

007 008 011 013 018