Cookin’ Time


Class – Here’s how you get underfoot:

The experienced Scottie knows the correct kitchen position. Observe my position – squarely between Mama at the stove and the kitchen sink and the fridge.  Lots more potential for tripping her up there as the traffic between the stove and the fridge and the sink is intense and frequent.  That’s why it is called the “Golden Triangle” of the kitchen – and I’m right in the middle of it. And not by accident either.

Ainsley on the other hand, while to the untrained eye looks underfoot, is badly out of position as she is behind mama between her and the island.  Little traffic to the island after the food goes on the stove.  Once again, she is an embarrassment to us all. 

17 thoughts on “Cookin’ Time

  1. Another brilliant peek into the mastermind that is Angus Fala. Even though you didn’t have to take your precious time to do so, the world thanks you Angus for the insight & continued contributions so that we all may gain a little better understanding of all that is Scottie!

    Ainsley, not so much…

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  2. Right in front of the stove beside the island in front of the fridge is prime tripping space. Two Scotties side by side is even better. Been there, done that.

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  3. Well Angus you gots to get over there and explain it to her, for pees sake. I gots that down, but that Bites he roams around and around the kitchen area, always in the tripping way, but he gets his share!

    The Mad Scots

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  4. So needed to put a smile on my dial today. Had a bad night but feeling so much better since reading your post Angus. You are a scream and have an answer for EVERYTHING. No wonder it is all Angus Worldwide……. !!

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  5. You make a good case sir, but wouldn the ideal position for Ainsley to be in is yours as if she trips mamma up you can hone in on the spill. They way your set Ainsleys free to grab whilst your wrestling to undo them yourself ?? πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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