Oh no! Mama is leaving

Mama has to go back to Georgia for the week – her childhood best friend’s mama died so she’s going to the funeral.  That leaves us in the evil clutches of Daddy (aka “Catman”) for the week.

I’m reverting to my tried and true #occupysuitcase to prevent her leaving – Mr Bear is trying a new technique – holding onto the suitcase wailing and crying. I’ll let you know if either works.


9 thoughts on “Oh no! Mama is leaving

  1. Oh Sgt…..there is just some things you cannot stop, and the needs of a friend are calling….betcha Catman will take good care of everything!

    The Mad Scots

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  2. Time for a visit to the Aunt Judy & Uncle Bob Inn….or can you even get there because of the snow? Mama might encounter some evil weather in Georgia……get her to pack some warm clothes.

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  3. Angus, you know you and sister are always welcome at the Aunt Judy Inn. I can go to the store for the fresh green beans that you two love. I also have more cod and turtle . Love Aunt Judy and Uncle Bob.

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