I Have My Reservations!

I have my reservations booked at the Aunt Judy Inn.  That’s right, tomorrow night, I have booked a stay, with late check in guaranteed at the Aunt Judy Inn, and will get a break from this cat-infested Hellhole, which will be a welcome respite until Mama comes home from Georgia.

If you aren’t familiar with the Aunt Judy Inn, it is run by two proprietors – Aunt Judy and Uncle Bob.  They aren’t my real Aunt or Uncle, but as the owners of 5 Scotties over their career (though their last one passed away a couple of years ago), they thoroughly understand their Scottie guests.

Scottish Terrier Resort & Travel Magazine gives their establishment 4 paws up.  Conde Scottie Nast Magazine heartily recommended them in their Holiday 2014 Issue.   And National Geographic Terrier Traveler featured the Aunt Judy Inn in the Summer of 2013.

However, you won’t find it on Expedia or Priceline or Travelocity or Orbitz.  Oh no – to stay at the Aunt Judy Inn you must be invited.  It’s that exclusive.

Here are some pictures of one of our recent visits.   Not an overnight stay in this case, but we went for an event – Ainsley’s 5th Birthday Party.  They have ample kitchen facilities to accommodate that as well.

007 008 011 013 018

11 thoughts on “I Have My Reservations!

  1. Thank dog! It looks like SOOOO much fun, AND, they let you slurp out of bowls and run about on the table…HEAVEN ! I would stay there until I heard Mama’s car in your driveway! With relief and envy, Michele and Skyler


  2. Scottie Traveler and naptime leisure have given a two tails up rating as well. People in the know state that two tails up are also known as the Angus/Ainsley (A & A ) rating. All establishments strive for that A & A.


  3. Well….hate to say this…but you may not want to home …that looks like the place to be….you get hand fed, and even get to sit ON THE TABLE…..now thats a very special resort!…….say, can we send our pictures to Aunt Judy Inn, so we might get invited?

    The Mad Scots


  4. Thank dog you are going to be able to escape from “them” !! Aunt Judy will kiss it better for you and Uncle Bob will have the treats ready. Way to go Angus !! When does Mama get back?


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