Early Check-In

wpid-2015-02-18-15.32.01.jpg.jpeg As you read yesterday, we had reservations for the uber exclusive Aunt Judy Inn for tonight.   Well, this morning, the proprietor of the Aunt Judy Inn – Aunt Judy herself – called and notified the staff that we qualified for early check in. So, as soon as we got finished at the spa, and had our baths and hair cuts and nails trimmed, I packed my green bag of essentials – food, bowl, Cushings meds, turkey to wrap the meds, and a sweater – and checked in to the Inn. You see above Aunt Judy herself operating the door of her establishment. Her doorman must be off duty today.

So, you won’t hear much from me til checkout tomorrow. And I requested late check out.  Me and Ainsley will be doing a lot of this – relaxing with Uncle Bob in the recliner in the lobby. Til tomorrow – Angus image

10 thoughts on “Early Check-In

  1. Things couldn’t have turned out better for you guys !!!! Hehehe….only the best !! Aunt Judy Inn !!! Give them my best regards and enjoy every minute of NO CATS !!

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