Mama got home Saturday night from her week in Georgia.  Here’s her scottie homecoming in pictures  (you can click on each picture to blow them up and make them suitable for framing and gift exchange…I post this size on the blog though to make your internet quicker to load.  Just another way that I strive here at Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises to make your life better!)

wpid-20150221_195011.jpgWhat you bring me Mama?

wpid-20150221_195016.jpgA tennis ball?  Thanks!

wpid-20150221_195037.jpgWhat else? (Notice tennis ball now behind us by the fridge)


wpid-20150221_195054.jpgMaybe something in this suitcase?



wpid-20150221_195118.jpgI’m gonna look in here again – maybe there’s some food to go along with the ball