ANOTHER UPDATE 5:15 PM UPDATED 2:30 PM: Time For a Visit to Dr. Pokey

Heading today to Dr. Pokey for a weigh in.

Depending on what we see, we will probably get an appointment.  See, I’ve been losing weight – a lot of weight, lately.  And yesterday, I didn’t eat a treat.  This morning, I didn’t eat all of a boiled egg.  And I haven’t touched my dog food in about a week.  (I’ve been surviving on a diet of Pupperoni treats, turkey slices, and cushings meds…and purloined cat food when I can get it.

Here I am today in my pink bed:

2015Feb24PinkBed And here ago a year ago.  Notice how much more Festively Plump I was back then:

005I reached a high of nearly 28 pounds back in 2012.  I was 26 pounds last Summer.  Last weigh in at the vet, around Christmas, I was around 21.

I hope it’s not related to my Cushings or something else serious.


Just got home.  I weighed in at 19.9 pounds, which is the least I’ve weighed since I was a young pup back in 2001.  So, hoomans asked for an appointment and they said a Dr. Pokey was free if we wanted to see one now.

So I saw Pokey.  She took some blood out of my right front leg, and I screamed like a little school girl Scottie.  So she then took it out  of my left front leg, and I was fine with that.  She felt my lymph nodes, and said they felt bigger than normal.

So then we waited about a half hour.  Ainsley was out in the van, so hoomans brought her in.  Out came Dr. Pokey and a second Dr. Pokey, and they said my red blood level is only 18%…it should be something like 37%.  It was 34% in November.  And some other levels…a liver, maybe a kidney…was really high.  She said that, and because of my lymph nodes, points to Lymphoma to her.

She said to be sure, I’d need to go VCA in Aurora, Illinois.

She said she would normally treat me with steroids, but I can’t have steroids, because I’m a Cushings Dog.

She said my options were to eat canned prescription food, sprinkle some powder on it that will make me feel better, give me an appetite stimulator…and that might give me more time of being comfortable.

Or, go to VCA, and if they did chemo on me, I might get a year.  Maybe.

We don’t know what we are going to do.  Hoomans don’t want to put me through a lot of vet stuff, since even best case, I am a very old Scottie.  But at the same time, we don’t want to not do something we might regret.

Boy – I sure was hoping to make it to May when I turn 14, and my friend Penny’s hoomans are coming to visit me all the way from Australia.  But at least the canned food sure is tasty.

Here I am eating my canned food this afternoon.  Ainsley is trying to test my zone of hostility (which has pretty much gone to nothing since I’ve been feeling poorly), and even the cats are lurking about.  But I ate it all.

2015 February 24 EatingUPDATE: 5:15 PM

Hooman called VCA in Aurora.  I’m seeing an oncologist Monday at 9 am.

38 thoughts on “ANOTHER UPDATE 5:15 PM UPDATED 2:30 PM: Time For a Visit to Dr. Pokey

  1. Oh Angus, I thought you looked svelt! I think you are fine. Stress can cause weight loss by way of less appetite. But prayers just in case. Good luck.

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  2. Angus, you are a rough and tough little soldier. If anybody can give this lymphoma (if that’s what it truly is) hell – you can buddy!!!! Look at you Sir – you look like a pup half your age! In any event though, we are saying our doggie prayers and sending good vibes your way. Nobody knows what is to come – even Dr. Pokey is just guessing really. So maintain your positive attitude and let’s pray you will be around to keep AF Worldwide whipped into shape for a long time to come! Hugs.

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  3. I do not like your tentative news. I wish the best for you because I am a bit selfish about you. You have found your way into my heart through your Scottitude and you remind me so much of my Rascal. Hang in there, enjoy all the canned food and treats that one can. Keep Ainsley at bay, but definitely keep those cats away! You are a blessing to a lot of us, Angus. Eat to get stronger and show the world your Scottie determination! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. Angus, sir (!), May is just around the corner. Eat all the food you can–let them complain about your being “festively plump” again. Paws crossed that some of this is due to the stress of having your Mama our of town for a week and having to deal with the cats and Catman. You’re strong, my friend, and we are all with you and praying this turns out to be a minor set back. I stand ready at attention to pick up any patrols for you. Guy-hug!


  5. My dear, dear Angus and Mama and Catman… please know how very much you are loved by so very many. None of us know how much time we have with each other, so all we xan do is treasure what time we are given. Love to you all always.


  6. Dear Angus –

    Unfortunately, in the many years of my life, I have become some what familiar with the situation in which you now find yourself. From this experience I offer: one day at a time – one breath at a time. Love deeply in the time that remains and eat all the food that comes your way. Pass the paws of Patrol Duty to youth – even if they patrol differently, don’t be too critical — they’ve been taught well and now must find their own path. Take extra time to be in the sun…in comfort… and love, don’t forget to love as you are loved.

    Your Iowa Friends.

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  7. Mr. Angus Sir, A Scottie may lose a battle but will never surrender a war. This was one of the lessons my brother Bentley left for me. Keep up the good fight and know the Scottie Battalion is backing you up.

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  8. Really sorry to hear the news good buddy , and sure am hoping you make it to May as I’m sending Faux Penny and the Count for you to sniff. Whatever you and your hoomans decide will be for the best …. If it helps give you incentive I’ll tell mamma to leave fatso here ..😂😂😂😂

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  9. Oh Angus, we have our paws crossed for you! We recommend you may want to look into Eastern medicine, it has done wonders for Annie health, comfort and well being. Supplements, Accupuncture and Ozone Therapy. Annie was given some natural supplements that did help her appetite. She has become picky about her food, but she does eat. Today was Black forest deli ham! We are all thinking of you down here in San Diego. We love you very much! RosyPoodleKisses, AnnieSpanielSnuggle & MomHUGs
    & DadHUGs


  10. Well….we are starting here on a mass case of producing POTP for you Angus……….hoping for the best buddy!

    The Mad Scots


  11. Angus i love you like my own and loved everyday i have spent with you even though we’re 100s of miles a part. You hang in there buddy. Mick & i will keep you in our prayers


  12. We, Fergus and Guiness,know you are very brave Angus but our Mom is not as much as you. We are glad you will be seeing the special pokey person. She knows your hoomans will make decisions that are right for all of you. Just enjoy what makes you happy and as Mom was told about Missy, eat “whatever you want”. We will be with you on Monday, you can bank on that. (And you will see Penny’s peeps in May)😍😘😚

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  13. Angus, Sir, I do not like this news. However, it so sounds like you have developed Addison’s – the opposite of Cushing’s. Did Dr. Pokey check your Cortisol and ACTH levels?


  14. Oh Angus. I am so very sorry to hear this for you and Mama and Catman and Ainsley and even the cats. You are all in my prayers. Love you lots kid. Holding thumbs. xxxxx


  15. Oh Angus, I’m just catching up on your blog today, I’m supposed to be working, just don’t tell on me, I need my job! I’m sorry to hear you aren’t doing so well. I have to say you are one of Lizzie’s first friends on Twitter and I love you like my own Scottie and hope to have you around longer. Please know we are thinking of you, and sending lots of love and light!


  16. Dearest little soldier,

    I know how worried your parents must be after the latest news. Lucy lost a lot of weight too. Do you have one of those thunder shirts? They may help you if you have stress. I am glad you are going to a specialist and know that your parents will leave no stone un turned That is the least we can do for you guys. You have given us so much joy. Enjoy the wet food and tell your parents to give you black forest ham and organic hamburger meat. The latter will work like a charm. You can get it at Costco. Lucy needed to have hers cooked to medium rare otherwise it would not agree with her, if you know what I mean. Soldier on, little one. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Tell your parents they know where I am if they need me. xxox Julieta


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