Hello World:

I’m here.  Last night, I managed to throw up all my meds…my Cushings meds, my new pill to enhance my appetite, my turkey, my rx canned dog food, and this Epakitin powder.  Mama said it was a massive amount, as vomits go.  But I promptly wanted to gobble it back up, and Ainsley wanted to help.  We were thwarted though.

An uneventful night…slept in my usual place, which the past few weeks isn’t on the bed, but a pile of clothes the hoomans have thoughtfully left piled by the side of the bed.  Went the hoomans woke up at 5, they were a little concerned to see my bowl of water still full.  But then I waddled in there and drank all the water all up.  In my patented laying down position.  Why stand when you can sit, and why sit when you can lay, right?  it’s a soldier’s motto.


Then I went downstairs, went outside.  And me and Ainsley launched a flurry of auditory salvos at a Golden walking across the street.  I’m certain the neighbors must appreciate our efforts at aural warnings before 6 am.

Then I came in, ate a treat, and ate my cushings meds in my turkey.  Hooman gave me a couple of extra slices of turkey for good measure.

Here’s hoping we all have a good day.


Sgt. Angus

Certified Enemy of Huskies, Pitbulls, Labs, Airedales, Cushings, and now Lymphoma