Monday Night on the job

Doing some product testing for the research division (The Ainsley Institute) of Angus Fala Worldwide  Enterprises last night.

We’ve come out with this new product,  Scottie Spectacles,  for the nearsighted Scottie.


Our Beta-Testing has been disapponting. While it is true that bunny acquisitions by the 4 eyed Scottie is projected to be up by 135%, there is a design flaw with the ear piece,  making the spectacles, using a scientific term here, “cock-eyed,” at eye level.

Oh well, they can’t all be winners I suppose. I guess we’ll call Bill “Money” Gates and see if wants to buy the concept.  I remember he gave us a lot of money for that bad computer operating system I invented a few years back – we called it Angus 2.0. Gotta give ol Money Gates credit – he took that flawed software and gave it a new name – Windows 8.

Figuring “It” Out

Angus loved playing his little puzzle toy that Ruffles sent him from Singapore several years ago.  I never played it – hoomans figured it was because Angus would not allow it.

So now that it has been 4 weeks to the day since Angus passed, they tried me again on the puzzle.

Here are the results:

Now, what we have here is a HUGE misunderstanding.  A great example when you have undefined indeterminate indefinite pronouns allowed to roam the room unchecked.  When Catman was telling me to figure “it” out I figured he was talking about the Mpemba Effect, which as we all know is the ancient mystery of why boiling water freezes faster than colder water, an issue that has perplexed scientists for eons.  Hence the several seconds of reflection I had starting at the 36 second mark.  But, as we talked off camera, he was actually wanting me to figure out this elementary treat puzzle he had so proudly constructed!

You better nail down those “It”s better, CATMAN!


Mama says it is time for a new dog…

So, I was getting pretty dirty.  So last night, Catman (aka Daddy), decided to give me a bath, upstairs, in the bathtub.

I hate baths.  I hate it.  They have to hunt me down like a scared bunny rabbit, and carry me into the bathtub.  Pretty typical, right?

So, I was about done…miserable.  And Catman decided, “you know what, time for a picture.  Where is my camera…oh downstairs.”  So, he steps away a few steps, and can see I am still just sitting in the bathtub…miserable.  He is thinking, “hmmm.  Why didn’t she jump out already?  Angus would have jumped out or tried to, even if you are standing there.  Lady the Golden would have jumped out if you get more than 2 feet from the bathtub.  Aberdeen, Dudley, Cassidy, Slug…all those dogs would jump out by now.  Let’s see when she will jump out and make a break for it.”

So he goes downstairs, roots around for the camera phone, and as he is ascending the steps he takes this picture:

20150322_203208He sees me still in there, and says” Wow, Ainsley, why didn’t you make a break for it?  You too scared, paranoid, crazy, what, to make a break for freedom?”

As he gets closer, he sees that even Herman the Cat is stunned about it all…


So he goes downstairs, and tells Mama what happened. Her immediate response, was “Oh my God…I’m getting a real dog tomorrow morning!”