Time Travel Thursday with Angus – March 2003

From Ainsley:

Here is my brother, Angus Fala (2001-2015), back from this very week 12 years ago.  March 2003.  Here Angus, not quite 2 years old, is with the canine love of his life, his Golden Retriever sister, Lady (1993-2008).  Angus was so close to Lady that it took Lady’s death for Mama to realize how attached Angus was to Lady.  The first thunder storm that rolled through after Lady died, tough little Angus was terrified and hung next to Mama.  It suddenly dawned on Mama that was why Angus was always next to Lady during storms.

You can tell in this picture that Angus was a less dominating with Lady than Angus was ever to me.  Hoomans don’t remember the exact circumstances of this pic, but imagine that they were probably holding a tennis ball.  Lady, being a retriever, was always a good ball retriever.  But Angus was even more ball obsessed.  A fact that irritated Lady – because Angus could chase balls literally all day long.  Lady would quit after a dozen throws or so.

Hope you enjoy my post today.  I’m sorry for the wistful memory of a lonely sister.  Ainsley

2003 Lady and Angus

30 thoughts on “Time Travel Thursday with Angus – March 2003

  1. It’s very nice to see Lady and a young Angus. What a void his absence leaves. I got you a great present today. I will bring it in May.

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  2. Ainsley, I am so glad you shared this picture and memory. I think this is the first time I have seen a picture of Lady…and Angus does look much smaller. Really, I think that even though he did not express it well, we could tell from the body of his writing and posts, that he really loved you. Yep, I do believe this, ad the Founder of the Don’t Throw Ainsley Under The Bus Club.

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  3. what a lovely memory. Angus had to endure the pain of loss like you are now. The circle of life I suppose. Lady is gorgeous I can see why Angus was so taken with her. How can you not love a golden? Our big sister is a yellow lab and believe it or not even though we are Scotties we really respect and look up to Bailey. She is the strong silent type. Bailey is now 12 1/2 but we dont want to think about that. Love love tihis picture of Angus and Lady. Beautiful memory.

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  4. Telling us your memories makes me smile. I searched your FB page looking for puppy pics of both of you but it does not go back that far. This is a nice one.

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      1. Ain’t that the truth Ainsley. Not much of a record before that apple guy made it so convenient.


  5. We love looking back on those that came before or have left us……sounds like Angus was beginning to learn his Calling…Master of Angus Fala Enterprises!

    The Mad Scots

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  6. O, Ms.Ainsley. Please keep sharing your stories with us, I am only 4 (soon to be 5), so missed so many of your stories, Angus was my hero, and you are a Hottie!😘

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  7. Bless you Ainsley. We are feeling just as down as you are and seeing these photos of “The Boss” helps us all to work through this traumatic time. xxxx He was the best and still is the best and we all know it and can fondly remember him as this. xxx You sweet girl stayed mostly in the background taking it all in and if Angus could see you sitting in the front of the car on patrol……he’s smiling…..he’s smiling BIG time


  8. Hi Ainsley – Badger here, a scottie coz from New Zealand. Wanted to say Rooooooo Roooooo to you & the hoomans and send our love.


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