Time Travel Thursday with Angus Fala – 2010

Going back to this week in 2010.

This is what my brother Angus posted on Twitter back then – before I was on the scene (though I was a 2 month old pup in Janesville, Wisconsin then – but it would be 2 months later before I was adopted.

2010 March Angus
“Outdid playing ball. Notice cat watching me in upstairs window. Haha. Stay inside you dumb cat!”

I just noticed he wrote “Outdid”  – suppose he meant to type “Outside?”

13 thoughts on “Time Travel Thursday with Angus Fala – 2010

      1. Ainsley, we know you have big paws to fill. But you are doing AWESOME and between you and Mr. Bear, you can shake things up at AWWHeadquarters! This is YOUR moment. Angus would want you to snatch it and run before one of those photobombing cats grabs it! Growl aces meow anyday!

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  1. Probably outdid fits here just as well…Angus looks a bit tuckered out and we can all see he IS outside.


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