Saint Patrick may have gotten rid of snakes in Ireland, but he brought sadness to Angus Manor (Open Under New Management).

You know how Angus liked to dress up. Well, about 2 months ago, Aunt Judy presented Angus with a byootiful green hat and bow tie to wear for St Patrick’s day. Angus was so happy and couldn’t wait til St Patrick’s day so he could wear it.

As you know, though,  he didn’t make it. Passing away February 28th.  Mama, everyday, saw that hat and tie sitting on top of his stuff, ready for him to put it on – and of all the reminders, it may have been one that hit her hardest.

So last night, Mr Bear, in Angus honor, put them on, and I tried on his cherished  Polymer Based Attack Repellent Cranium Cover.

Hope you can take a break from hardening the defense positions at the Rainbow Bridge,  brother, and appreciate our photo.