Aunt Judy Inn

I had a private stay at the Aunt Judy Inn while Mama went to see her Doctor Pokey

Me and Uncle Bob - TV time

Watching TV with Uncle Bob.


Lunch is surf and turf accompanied with potatoes and peach glaze. 5 stars to be sure


Relaxing after lunch.


Back at Angus Manor (now open under new management) – and as the sun sets over the house of that obnoxious Golden Retriever, I’m remembering wistfully of my stay and wondering when I can book a visit again to the Aunt Judy Inn.

21 thoughts on “Aunt Judy Inn

  1. They sure treat you like royalty thereat Aunt Judy Inn…and Uncle Bob….We say hes treating you like a Queen…now thats really a place to go and enjoy!

    The Mad Scots

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    1. Princess Leah –
      My people are working with Aunt Judy’s people to get the rights to the name “Aunt Judy Inn.” Then you will see “Angus Fala Worldwide Presents: The Aunt Judy Inn” upscale pet luxury resorts at a city near you soon.

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