Time Travel Thursday with Angus

Aunt Judy last Friday gave me and my hoomans a nice book with some memories of my dearly departed brother.

I decided to do a little slide show, with some music.  Hope you enjoy the memories.

13 thoughts on “Time Travel Thursday with Angus

  1. Thanks much for the memories….perfect music to go with the pics…….being Scots we loved it, and Dad being one was tapping his foot to it….love looking at all the pics!

    The Mad Scots

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  2. Aunt Judy and Ainsley. Mama knew this was going to be a toughie. It is a wonderful précis of Angus Fala’s life, his philosophy and why we all loved him so very much.
    Thank you Aunt Judy….we boo hooed, watched again, boo hooed, and found some peace, Pilgrim ! XXXXX SB and his Mama Next hard time for my Mama, she and Sarge have the same birthday.

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