Mama says it is time for a new dog…

So, I was getting pretty dirty.  So last night, Catman (aka Daddy), decided to give me a bath, upstairs, in the bathtub.

I hate baths.  I hate it.  They have to hunt me down like a scared bunny rabbit, and carry me into the bathtub.  Pretty typical, right?

So, I was about done…miserable.  And Catman decided, “you know what, time for a picture.  Where is my camera…oh downstairs.”  So, he steps away a few steps, and can see I am still just sitting in the bathtub…miserable.  He is thinking, “hmmm.  Why didn’t she jump out already?  Angus would have jumped out or tried to, even if you are standing there.  Lady the Golden would have jumped out if you get more than 2 feet from the bathtub.  Aberdeen, Dudley, Cassidy, Slug…all those dogs would jump out by now.  Let’s see when she will jump out and make a break for it.”

So he goes downstairs, roots around for the camera phone, and as he is ascending the steps he takes this picture:

20150322_203208He sees me still in there, and says” Wow, Ainsley, why didn’t you make a break for it?  You too scared, paranoid, crazy, what, to make a break for freedom?”

As he gets closer, he sees that even Herman the Cat is stunned about it all…


So he goes downstairs, and tells Mama what happened. Her immediate response, was “Oh my God…I’m getting a real dog tomorrow morning!”


18 thoughts on “Mama says it is time for a new dog…

  1. Bless you Ainsley ……………trying to show some decorum, or ..”this Baf Don’t scare me ” …..and you’ve been pegged as a fraidy cat ………well next time wait until it’s full with water and your soaked and jump right into the hoomans arms…..maybe next time they will be content with your day off from scottitude !! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  2. YOU ARE A REAL DOG ! Just a well mannered girl. I would sit patiently too. All that being said, a pal would be nice…just not an overpowering pal. It’s your turn to shine dear friend. You are after all, CEO of Angus Worldwide. I hope they select someone who appreciates your mostest wonderful qualities ! And, there is always the Aunt Judy and Uncle Bob Inn…….

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  3. You never cease to amaze Ainsley! With all the time it must take with the recently formed educational division of AFWWE, LLC you’re running, the amazing treadmill training you somehow manage to squeeze in, and now you’ve redefined bathtime! Is there a spa line in the works?

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  4. Aww Ainsley you are acting just like Missy did. We can feel Mama’s dilemma, wondering will you go deeper into a funk or will you shine and teach a new little pal the ropes. We do know being busy with another dog helps fill the holes in the heart. We think Angus would be fine with it as he is too busy reorganizing the bridge.

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  5. Well…here’s our take….Now being the CEO, your doing the right thing…make them take good care of you….don’t strain anything make THEM lift you outta that tub….treat you like the great one you are!

    The Mad Scots

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  6. Oh my, Ainsley! With all you’re doing in your position and training, you have a right to be tired. They, after all, hunted you down for that bath…you decided to show the good manners and decorum suiting a newly appointed CEO! There are your investors to please, too, you know. Just keep on impressing us with your wisdom and grace – you are ABSOLUTELY a real dog and so much more.

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  7. Just because you were a well mannered girl and waited, I don’t think Mama and Catman should say these things! However, I agree with indyandlucy that manybe you need a friend. It sure seems to help! I think you could help train them, too. That way you’d have somebody to help with the workload at AFWWE, LLC!


  8. Dey’s upset cuz ya stayed in da tub? Whut da woof?? Whitley would stay in da tub furever but she luvs da water….

    I tries to escape multiple times each baff…. don’t fink dey would want dat if dat’s whut a “real dawg” duz…bol, bol!!

    Dey should count der blessin’s, my Momma sez….hee hee…


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