Figuring “It” Out

Angus loved playing his little puzzle toy that Ruffles sent him from Singapore several years ago.  I never played it – hoomans figured it was because Angus would not allow it.

So now that it has been 4 weeks to the day since Angus passed, they tried me again on the puzzle.

Here are the results:

Now, what we have here is a HUGE misunderstanding.  A great example when you have undefined indeterminate indefinite pronouns allowed to roam the room unchecked.  When Catman was telling me to figure “it” out I figured he was talking about the Mpemba Effect, which as we all know is the ancient mystery of why boiling water freezes faster than colder water, an issue that has perplexed scientists for eons.  Hence the several seconds of reflection I had starting at the 36 second mark.  But, as we talked off camera, he was actually wanting me to figure out this elementary treat puzzle he had so proudly constructed!

You better nail down those “It”s better, CATMAN!


19 thoughts on “Figuring “It” Out

  1. We suggest the old carnival trick: 3 bowls and a treat…that is how we learned. Dad put the treat under one of the bowls and switched them all around with his hands and then we had to point with our noses to the one that covered the treat.

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  2. It’s been a long four weeks since I bade Angus goodbye. We miss him terribly. He was special He’d enter the Inn and take charge by barking until his need for treats was sated. Then he’d comply with Aunt Judy’s costume parade. He’d pose for her for an occasional extra treat – a morsel of chicken, a green bean, some crunchy treat imported all the way from Peoria.
    In the fall, he delighted in peeing on Aunt Judy’s decorative cornstalks on the front porch. It was a way to give Catman and Auntie J something to grouch about. Otherwise, he was the perfect guest.
    To paraphrase Shakespeare, “This was an Angus. When comes such another ?”
    Sadly, the response is “Never !”.

    Uncle Bob

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    1. We miss him too Uncle Bob and we never hot to hold him. His adventures were a real live cartoon strip from a Scottie point of view but with real Scottie photos and videos.

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  3. Ainsley, I have been defending your intelligence for years, so your post comes as no surprise. You are just as smart or smarter than Catman (I will be struck by lightening so I will make this quick). He needs to realize that he is not dealing with some laydown. XXXXX MVG and SB

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  4. You are just showing your cerebral scottitude. Like asking what the definition of “is” is. P.S. Tell Catman you would have gotten the treat if you cared to. Hold out for something better.

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  5. Entertaining as this game is, it is not up to sniff standards of the more than average I.Q. Scottie lass. We love to come in and watch your life cartoon strip. Just like Snoopy but better with live photos and videos.

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  6. Ainsley, it was demeaning to try to search for a treat. . You are more superior. Treats are to be passed to you on fine china., love Blue

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  7. …..aaah Uncle Bob. I miss him more than anything and I did not even have the pleaure of meeting him. There will never be another Angus……..never……ever. But you know what? There is Ainsley coming up fast and watch this space for her to creep into our hearts. Always space for more in your heart.

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  8. My personal belief that a small celebratory something should be planted or installed at Angus Manor to celebrate the mutual admiration society that was (Angus) and IS Ainsley, Aunt Judy and Uncle Bob. Or, with the depth of Ainsley’s Science background, she could work out a Theory or somesuch that would be named in their honor, and of course, published in like Scientific Best Friends a Scottie Could Have or some such learned journal…….I have been invited to Angus World Wide Scientific Labs to study The Skyer Effect, so no doubt we will take a meeting or conference (hopfully at Aunt Judy and Uncle Bob’s Inn to discuss this).

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  9. That is some scottitude right there… Why my dear should you have to WORK for a treat? Those humans should just give you one for allowing them to bask in your presence!


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