Angus loved playing his little puzzle toy that Ruffles sent him from Singapore several years ago.  I never played it – hoomans figured it was because Angus would not allow it.

So now that it has been 4 weeks to the day since Angus passed, they tried me again on the puzzle.

Here are the results:

Now, what we have here is a HUGE misunderstanding.  A great example when you have undefined indeterminate indefinite pronouns allowed to roam the room unchecked.  When Catman was telling me to figure “it” out I figured he was talking about the Mpemba Effect, which as we all know is the ancient mystery of why boiling water freezes faster than colder water, an issue that has perplexed scientists for eons.  Hence the several seconds of reflection I had starting at the 36 second mark.  But, as we talked off camera, he was actually wanting me to figure out this elementary treat puzzle he had so proudly constructed!

You better nail down those “It”s better, CATMAN!