Monday Night on the job

Doing some product testing for the research division (The Ainsley Institute) of Angus Fala Worldwide  Enterprises last night.

We’ve come out with this new product,  Scottie Spectacles,  for the nearsighted Scottie.


Our Beta-Testing has been disapponting. While it is true that bunny acquisitions by the 4 eyed Scottie is projected to be up by 135%, there is a design flaw with the ear piece,  making the spectacles, using a scientific term here, “cock-eyed,” at eye level.

Oh well, they can’t all be winners I suppose. I guess we’ll call Bill “Money” Gates and see if wants to buy the concept.  I remember he gave us a lot of money for that bad computer operating system I invented a few years back – we called it Angus 2.0. Gotta give ol Money Gates credit – he took that flawed software and gave it a new name – Windows 8.

14 thoughts on “Monday Night on the job

  1. Ainsley, here’s the uh oh, in your oh no! Staff has clearly confused your investment in Coca Cola bottling with optics. If you will use the side of the Coke bottle, instead of the bottoms, you may see better results…no pun intended. Or, did staff borrow that pair of spectaculars from Benjamin Franklin ?

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      1. Mama & Aunt Judy say “Outside mirrors are for suckers”
        I must add that that is the most comfortable you’ve looked while wearing an adornment.
        Uncle Bob

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  2. Glasses make you look very intelligent but contacts are more flattering. Forget about parking , Mr. Bear can be your chauffeur . He can just drop you off and worry about parking. Even better the cat can be the eyes in the back of his head

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  3. Well, not every thing in this world can be winners….yep try that gates company….them glasses are much better then windows eight…we gave it the deep six………But we will say you do look stunning in glasses!…of course a scottie looks great with anything!

    The Mad Scots

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  4. If they widened the piece that goes across the bridge of the nose it might be a better fit. But that style !!!!! Really that went out with the ark as far as styles more suited to Scotties go. What department of AWWE designed those for Scotties. I seem to remember Mr Bear wearing those some time ago. Anything would suit him. Back to the drawing board.

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