Time Travel Thursday – Angus’ Run for President

Some of you may remember, but my late brother Angus ran for President back in 2012.  Unfortunately, he did not win, but even though it was hard hard work, he had a lot of fun, and met a lot of people, Scotties, and other dogs on the campaign trail.  (he didn’t kiss any babies though – hooman Cooties!  bleech!!!)

Anyway, for Christmas 2012 he got a delightful surprise in the mail.  Ruffles and Munchkin, our Singapore friends who were the ones who gave Angus his presidential aspiration idea in the first place, sent Angus a retrospective of the campaign.

For the first time ever, I am presenting you this wonderful book.

Mystery Tuesday


Got some rain overnight, and when I cam back inside and got on my window viewing perch, Mama discovered some wet paw prints leading from the door to my couch.  (See above)

Here’s another view, maybe the paw prints can be more easily viewed and examined:


If you still can’t see them yet, let me help you out – here I am going to circle the mystery paw prints and yours truly…


Mama tried to blame me, but it’s obvious as the big black nose on my face what is going on.  The cats are stomping around with wet fake Scottie feet trying to frame me, perhaps.

But, instead, I’d like to think that my late great brother Angus is following me outside, and is sleeping next to me on the couch.  He never was good at wiping his paws.

Wednesday at the Aunt Judy Inn

Bad news, good news today

First the bad – despite Mr Bear’s companionship (See pic below), Mama will be in the hospital until at least Friday and is getting a neck procedure done at the hospital.  I’m sure my little prince of darkness friend,Count Monty Westie, will be most interested in modern advanced neck puncturing techniques by that king of blood (and money) suckers, the modern American Medical industry!


Now the good news – I had my grooming appointment today postponed til May 8th, just a week before we celebrate and commemorate Angus Fala ‘ s 14th birthday with a few chosen guests at Angus Manor (now open under new management)

And I got to spend the night at the Aunt Judy Inn. For dinner last night, I enjoyed her succulent ribeye, with a side of egg garnished with cheese and kibble, and some potatoes.



Then afterwards, out for some guard duty on the resort grounds.  Here I’m giving a neighbor girl the auditory shelling of a lifetime.


And then looking for bunnies.  And notice my advanced bunny capturing devices – I am experimenting with some advanced traps I have invented. I don’t wanna get my lab coat and skirt all mused with bunny blood you understand


Well, that’s about it for me for now. Time for an afternoon siesta, as  I have arranged for a late checkout 


Bon Appetite

Spent the night at the Aunt Judy Inn last night while Daddy (aka Catman) went to the city to visit Mama in the hospital.

I woke up to Aunt Judy ‘ s World Famous Scottie Omelette,  as seen, I believe, on the Cooking Channel.


Aunt Judy ‘ s World Famous Scottie Omelette consists of good wholesome all natural ingredients – boiled eggs with a duo of toppings – grated with cheddar cheese and kibble.  Savory and an excellent presentation!



As Ficelle would say – bon Appetite!!

The Art of the Ambush –

In the later classes of the curriculum, The Art of the Ambush, you will learn the advanced art of the ambush.

Just this morning, I surprised a cocker spaniel walking on MY sidewalk with a vicious and effective short range auditory salvos.  And I am sure the neighbors appreciated being woken up at 5:55 am on a Sunday morning by my efforts.

In your class, you will learn advanced topics of ambushing…as you see below from my photo from this morning, which is what the unsuspecting Cocker Spaniel would have observed….

20150325_192827 Can you see me in the picture?  Look with a quick glance, just like a stoopid, half witted cocker spaniel would…Well, do you see me?  Huh?  Do you?  NO, you DON’t see me, do you????

Now, let me help you out here.  Look again, same picture, and this time I am going to help you out and point me out:

AmbushDo you see me now?  How did you miss me before?  Because of advanced ambushing…

Notice that I take advantage of my coloring and fade into the background.  Also, notice that the bushes overwhelm the eye, and you can’t even notice me.  Plus the black fence gives me a spectrum obstacle for the untrained eye – and your eye tends not to penetrate the fence line, and you skip over the Scottie lying hidden.

Oh, what’s that you say in the back?  I can’t hear you…what’s that? You say doesn’t the backdoor light illuminate me?

WRONG, you maroon!  You flunk the class!

The light actually doesn’t penetrate my position, and actually attracts the focus to the back door and the house, and leaves me in the darkness…waiting…waiting…waiting to POUNCE!!!!

So to the untrained Scottie, this appears to be simply just a Scottie sitting at the fence.  But to you, after you take my coursework on the Art of the Ambush, you will see it is an ingeniously and well thought out military maneuver.

Happy Ambushing today!

2nd Lt. Ainsley McKenna, Chief Training Officer and Strategist
Scottie 21st Illinois Regiment

Hospital Report from Mama

2015AprilAinsleyCellPhoneThis morning, Mama called from the hospital while I was riding to McDonald’s.  We talked to her via the car’s sound system through the blue tooth cell phone system.  As you might can see from the display, we talked to her for a good 22 minutes.

She said she had a rough night – they woke her up at 10 pm to take her down for a Cat-Scan!  Those dang cats will get into anything and anybody I suppose.  Though I don’t understand which cats they suspect are in her, since both Herman and Lily  are accounted for.  But I guess it’s like Angus always said…if you see one cat out in the open, that means there are a thousand in the walls (or in this case, in the people).

Headaches still raging on.  I told her have those doctors checked for seratonin syndome?  And have they ruled out some respiratory problem?  Or perhaps a cardiac issue as the underlying issue?

So Doctors, you better fix my Mama soon!  You don’t want me to put on my lab coat and come down there!

Hmmmm. I am puzzled.

273I distinctly recall reading in the New England Journal of Doggie Medicine that Black Labs were too stooopid to help navigate a vehicle.  So what is this lab doing riding shotgun?????


Maybe I can entice one to follow me back to my lab and then dissect the beast and get to the bottom of this conundrum.  Then I can reassemble the dog and turn him in to my Laboratory Retriever.

Sounds like a good plan to me.