Aunt Judy Inn was closed!


I went to the Aunt Judy Inn last night and it was closed!  I was told Monday that turkey is the treat of the week, so me and Catman walked over there last night , but we knocked and knocked and knocked but no one was there!

I knew Catman should have made advance reservations!

But on a positive note, we did meet a westie on the walk over – Bentley is his name.   We had a good ol Scottish Highlands sniff fest. He is a big boy, as big as me if not bigger, and is 5 years old like me. I don’t know why I have never met him before.  He also had never heard what my Dr Pokey says – that westies are angels and scotties are devils.

15 thoughts on “Aunt Judy Inn was closed!

  1. I’ve never heard Scottie’s were devils and westies were angels. I think Scottie’s are a mixture of both plus a very stubborn streak thrown in

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    1. SBH, maybe Kismet is on to something. As Angus would say “paying bills is for suckers”. Kismet has a direct line to Kyla who is co-captain at the Bridge with him.


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