Superhero Lair

So this morning, Catman caught me in my secret hiding overnight lair. I didn’t know he was gonna get up at 3 am to run a race in Springfield.

This spot is perfect – I can be with my brother Angus, and his loyal steed Pinko, while monitoring the window for signs of Mr. E Bunny all the while lying on the couch atop 2 pillows.


11 thoughts on “Superhero Lair

  1. Ainsley…you are alert and on Patrol…. Brother would approve! Please ask Catman and Mama about a pup for you…not to be dominated by, but to be friends with. For example, Skyler & Kenzie went for a groom together today…they had some fun times with their Aunt Ashley Hanes!

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  2. Great vantage spot Loo. The quicker Catman can get out and get going the quicker things can settle and you can carry on with the task at hand. Don’t want him upsetting the apple cart

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