Mama in the Hospital

Oh no, they putting my mama in the hospital again cause of her headaches.

What will I do without her?

Who will feed me?


Who will make sure at work that my office door is shut so I can’t wonder around and impulsively give all the workers at Angus Fala Worldwide extravagant bonuses (like double rations of pupperoni) and expensive perks like hot and cold running puddle water and kitty litter poo hors d’oeuvres.


But don’t be too concerned for me, gentle reader. I’m in good hands at the Aunt Judy Inn


20 thoughts on “Mama in the Hospital

  1. I’m so sorry to hear Mama is in he hospital and will be praying for her! So glad though that you have Aunt Judy Inn to go to! Milk it for all you got, Sweet Ainsley! 💗

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  2. Poor Mama. In addition to headaches she must miss you terribly, sweet Ainsley. Sgt Angus surely is looking out for all of you – (see Aunt Judy, et al.) Be patient; it will all work out for the best. Meanwhile, we’re all sending happy thoughts your way.

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  3. Oh THANK goodness for that. I was just going down with a hearty-tack and wanted to text you on your ‘Personal, Personnel Mobile’, developed by Ainsley McKenna of the Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises, to please run over to Aunt Judy before they take off again.

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  4. Oh dear we are very, very sorry to hear your mama has headaches again, we know how debilitating they can be. Thank goodness aunt Judys inn had openings. We wish her a very short stay and want her to feel much better.

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  5. Oh No! I hate Mama having headaches. Our Mom ended up in the hospital for 5 weeks after Misty and Tuffy Scotties way before us went to the bridge at the same time. This grief business can do a job on an already distressful situation. Grand that Aunt Judy had an opening, you need something different right now too. (And it certainly does not hurt A. Judy either) Sending hugs and pats to all…F & G

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  6. oh dear! We hope that Mama gets to feeling better and that they can find some answers for her headaches! So glad that the Aunt Judy Inn could accommodate! (as long as she doesn’t disappear unexpectedly…)

    Edgar and his mum

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    1. Gosh Ainsley, so sorry about Nana. She must be in terrible pain. Glad the Aunt Judy Inn could be available. Please give our love ❤ to Mama and Aunt Judy, Uncle Bob, and probably a worried Catman. Xxxx SB & his Mama

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