2015AprilAinsleyCellPhoneThis morning, Mama called from the hospital while I was riding to McDonald’s.  We talked to her via the car’s sound system through the blue tooth cell phone system.  As you might can see from the display, we talked to her for a good 22 minutes.

She said she had a rough night – they woke her up at 10 pm to take her down for a Cat-Scan!  Those dang cats will get into anything and anybody I suppose.  Though I don’t understand which cats they suspect are in her, since both Herman and Lily  are accounted for.  But I guess it’s like Angus always said…if you see one cat out in the open, that means there are a thousand in the walls (or in this case, in the people).

Headaches still raging on.  I told her have those doctors checked for seratonin syndome?  And have they ruled out some respiratory problem?  Or perhaps a cardiac issue as the underlying issue?

So Doctors, you better fix my Mama soon!  You don’t want me to put on my lab coat and come down there!