Hospital Report from Mama

2015AprilAinsleyCellPhoneThis morning, Mama called from the hospital while I was riding to McDonald’s.  We talked to her via the car’s sound system through the blue tooth cell phone system.  As you might can see from the display, we talked to her for a good 22 minutes.

She said she had a rough night – they woke her up at 10 pm to take her down for a Cat-Scan!  Those dang cats will get into anything and anybody I suppose.  Though I don’t understand which cats they suspect are in her, since both Herman and Lily  are accounted for.  But I guess it’s like Angus always said…if you see one cat out in the open, that means there are a thousand in the walls (or in this case, in the people).

Headaches still raging on.  I told her have those doctors checked for seratonin syndome?  And have they ruled out some respiratory problem?  Or perhaps a cardiac issue as the underlying issue?

So Doctors, you better fix my Mama soon!  You don’t want me to put on my lab coat and come down there!

17 thoughts on “Hospital Report from Mama

  1. Ainsley, we are sending Momma good vibes and prayers that they get to the bottom once and for all for her awful headaches. The best medicine of all would be to see her sweet little girl in the hospital but that stoopid docs don’t allow that! Dang. Hang in there – take care of Catman. Hugs and Aroooos

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  2. I am sure Ainsley if you go down to that hospital and chase away those c@ts you mama will get better quickly. In the meantime we send good thoughts for a good diagnosis (or maybe just getting a diagnosis) and speedy recovery.

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  3. Ainsley I think you might be confused on the cat-scan thingy. I believe they put Mama on a table and had cats look at her to see if they can find the problem. After all you have seen the way cats stare at you or it seems through you? Then there is the Lab work which I don’t understand… I mean, have you ever seen a Lab do any actual work?

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  4. Ainsley, you had better go there & have a good talk with those doctors. You seem to have a better idea as to what is going on. While there, please let her know that we are thinking of her & send healing prayers.

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  5. So so sorry Mama is feeling this way. Scientific fact it is good to know what is not the problem as well as looking for what is.

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  6. Yeah, it’s as they say, when you are in hospital they will wake you up at 10pm to give you a sleeping tablet. Yikes, be careful of those hospital cats, you never know where they are all lurking. Hugs are best wishes to mama.

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