Bon Appetite

Spent the night at the Aunt Judy Inn last night while Daddy (aka Catman) went to the city to visit Mama in the hospital.

I woke up to Aunt Judy ‘ s World Famous Scottie Omelette,  as seen, I believe, on the Cooking Channel.


Aunt Judy ‘ s World Famous Scottie Omelette consists of good wholesome all natural ingredients – boiled eggs with a duo of toppings – grated with cheddar cheese and kibble.  Savory and an excellent presentation!



As Ficelle would say – bon Appetite!!

17 thoughts on “Bon Appetite

  1. Ainsley, votre petit dejuner est tres delicious, n’est pas? And while you girls are at it, my phone tells me it is Nevis Scottie’s birthday, so time to raise a pup cup cette après midi……Amicalement, Skyler Braveheart

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  2. Lunch at our house today after seeing this….for hoomans. OK us boys got a bite or two too. (they loved our kibble in it, worried it will run out now)

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  3. Well…thats like 16 of our favorite foods…cheese is 1 through 12 on the list….but we also gotta go with indyandlucy….were is the biscuits and gravy!

    The Mad scots

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