Wednesday at the Aunt Judy Inn

Bad news, good news today

First the bad – despite Mr Bear’s companionship (See pic below), Mama will be in the hospital until at least Friday and is getting a neck procedure done at the hospital.  I’m sure my little prince of darkness friend,Count Monty Westie, will be most interested in modern advanced neck puncturing techniques by that king of blood (and money) suckers, the modern American Medical industry!


Now the good news – I had my grooming appointment today postponed til May 8th, just a week before we celebrate and commemorate Angus Fala ‘ s 14th birthday with a few chosen guests at Angus Manor (now open under new management)

And I got to spend the night at the Aunt Judy Inn. For dinner last night, I enjoyed her succulent ribeye, with a side of egg garnished with cheese and kibble, and some potatoes.



Then afterwards, out for some guard duty on the resort grounds.  Here I’m giving a neighbor girl the auditory shelling of a lifetime.


And then looking for bunnies.  And notice my advanced bunny capturing devices – I am experimenting with some advanced traps I have invented. I don’t wanna get my lab coat and skirt all mused with bunny blood you understand


Well, that’s about it for me for now. Time for an afternoon siesta, as  I have arranged for a late checkout 


13 thoughts on “Wednesday at the Aunt Judy Inn

  1. Hope your mama is feeling better soon. Please ask Catman to tell her we’re thinking of her and sending good thoughts. Ainsley, sounds like you’ll be wanting to move in at the Aunt Judy Inn! WestieWaves!

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  2. You’re quite an expert at inventing ways to get the rabbits without any tell tell signs.hope you mom comes home on Friday. Many more days at Aunt Judy’s will have you filling out all over

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  3. Ribeye…what the Snot….doggies you are living the life big time…..Barharhar…auditory Shelling….but you do really get into it……still sending Mama of bestest POTP, hope all goes well!

    The Mad Scots

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  4. I’m liking the look of this Aunt judy inn Ainsley, do they take regular bookings or just VIP’s like you ? .. The count has now taken a deep interest in your blog, he keeps asking for details ….. Iza tells him it’s not all about him you know ! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  5. Good technique Ainsley, four feet square on the ground, tail curled it proper angle and head tilted just right. Aunt Judy is one in a million looking out for you so Mama does not worry.

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