Mystery Tuesday


Got some rain overnight, and when I cam back inside and got on my window viewing perch, Mama discovered some wet paw prints leading from the door to my couch.  (See above)

Here’s another view, maybe the paw prints can be more easily viewed and examined:


If you still can’t see them yet, let me help you out – here I am going to circle the mystery paw prints and yours truly…


Mama tried to blame me, but it’s obvious as the big black nose on my face what is going on.  The cats are stomping around with wet fake Scottie feet trying to frame me, perhaps.

But, instead, I’d like to think that my late great brother Angus is following me outside, and is sleeping next to me on the couch.  He never was good at wiping his paws.

13 thoughts on “Mystery Tuesday

  1. The minute I saw those prints close up they look more like they belonged to Lily! Tsk, mama or catman should make sure the door mat is put outside for the residents of Angus Manor.

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  2. I’m going with the Angus theory since we all know stoopid cats aren’t usually that inventive. Could Mr Bear be involved as some sort of a covert coup initiative?

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