Time Travel Thursday – Angus’ Run for President

Some of you may remember, but my late brother Angus ran for President back in 2012.  Unfortunately, he did not win, but even though it was hard hard work, he had a lot of fun, and met a lot of people, Scotties, and other dogs on the campaign trail.  (he didn’t kiss any babies though – hooman Cooties!  bleech!!!)

Anyway, for Christmas 2012 he got a delightful surprise in the mail.  Ruffles and Munchkin, our Singapore friends who were the ones who gave Angus his presidential aspiration idea in the first place, sent Angus a retrospective of the campaign.

For the first time ever, I am presenting you this wonderful book.

13 thoughts on “Time Travel Thursday – Angus’ Run for President

  1. What a great book…and some many memories….wish we would have known Angus back them…we would have go on the road to win the tide.

    The Mad Scots

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      1. Actually, Mama has viewed the video several times, as you can imagine and is currently sobbing her little biped head off. She notices something new each time she watches. As usual, the music is spot on. We know Angus’s family, including of course Aunt Judy & Uncle Bob, are so thrilled!

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  2. Aaah This is very special. I love they way it has been set out and what a memory keepsake to have and for all of us to share. Thank you all concerned xxxxx

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  3. Thank you for sharing this very memorable book made with loving hands. Two months/nine weeks later we can celebrate his love with memories like this. It hurts so darn much but oh, the love is surely there.

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  4. Perfect. Just wonderful. What an honor to share this with us—Will watch it again on Angus’ birthday. Please carry the mantle, Ainsley. You can be the first woman president!! PS My mom is still leaky eyed watching the movie.

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  5. I did not know you back then but I am very glad to get to know you now. What wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing them.

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