This Week’s Report

After a good week last week in the Rabbit Harvest at Angus Manor (Now Open Under New Management) in which I personally killed 3 bunnies, this week has been most disappointing.

With Mama actively trying to interfere with my bunny harvest (banging on the door before I go out to warn the bunnies) I have been reduced to just waiting under the willow tree (i.e.  The Killing Tree) for more bunnies to introduce themselves to the backyard.


So this morning, bright and early at 6 am at Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises HQ, I got on a conference call with other Scottie associates around the world:


The news ain’t good.  Apparently, bunny harvests are down worldwide this week, based on the moaning and howling I was hearing and seeing…


So all the easy to find, backyard dumb bunnies have been found.  All that is apparently left are the smarter, more cunning frontyard bunnies.  We need government (and our Mamas) to get off the back of us bunny farmers, reduce the regulations and restrictions (and our leashes), and allow us to harvest these harvest to find frontyard bunnies.

A letter to my brother

May 20, 2015

My Dearest Brother Angus:

Sorry I haven’t written you in a while,- I have been busier than the proverbial 3 legged Scottie in a butt kicking contest (by the way, they should add that event to the 2016 Door County Scottie Rally).

How are you, brother?  I had a vision when I sleep that you are doing well, and that business is going great guns at the Angus Fala Boiled Egg & Ice Cream Parlor Rainbow Bridge location.  I also heard you got a great location for your business – at the corner of Stubborn and Stoic – the perfect spot to draw crowds of Rainbow Bridge Scotties.

Remember when you arranged with Penny & Monty’s hooman for the 14th Birthday Party to end all birthday parties way back last May?  Well, after you went to the bridge February 28th, I wondered if they would want to cancel – but they came anyway, and we made it a celebration of your life.  We even got you a cake and everything!


But that was last Friday.  Let me back up –  Tuesday we got Beril from Australia at the airport.  We had lots of fun with her, she is a really neat hooman, and has been breeding Scotties for many many years.  She even said that in Australia, I would be shown and would have earned titles, and that I was a good looking Scottie girl!  I remember how you used to mock me as a dwarf Scottie, too short and too long, with ears that were prone to lay flat.  So there!  One of the best breeders in Australia said I am just fine!

We had lots of fun with Beril – last Wednesday, I saw buffaloes with her…

238Helped her shop at Walmart…

230And relaxed around the Manor with her…

209Tjen Thursday, Beril was taken away by the St. Louis Rescue folks to go to Door County Scottie Rally.  But first, the Rescue people came, and their dogs had a brief pit stop at Angus Manor.  Rachel, our old friend Duffy that we met in 2013, Annie, Pepper, and Higgins, a Wheaten Scottie, who stole the show with his enthusiasm!  He is probably one of the biggest ball players we’ve had here at the manor since you were in your prime, brother!

327So Beril left, but no sooner had she left than Penny and Monty’s Hoomans came to the Manor, just in time for your big 14th Birthday celebration!


And Friday, Bella and Bee Bee came, and in a big surprise, Princess Peyton and Handsome Jack came as well!  Can’t say I didn’t have a scuffle or too, of course…Jack really made me jealous the way he made up to Aunt Judy…

055But, we had fun…lots of food, your cake, vanilla ice cream of course too…even had a group picture.  That’s me, top left, waving at you, Angus…


Well, I need to wrap up this letter.  But big news this week though….I KILLED A BUNNY!  And Indy and Lucy are supposed to visit us this Friday!  I will write you again soon and tell you about it, though the details on the bunny, I might Private Message you – the Scotties out there will love the details, but the hoomans tend to be a little squeamish.   I might just get promoted to Captain for that victory.  I know you felt you could do most good staying a Sergeant, but I am climbing the ranks of the Scottie Officer corps.  Since so many experienced Scotties have gone to the Bridge, our ranks are kinda thin here.  Scottie HQ says they need a Scottie with my bloodline, experience, bunny killing, and patrol expertise out there in the battlefield commanding the young crop of Scotties.


Anyway, talk to you soon.  Tell all the other Scotties at the Bridge hello from us down here.

Love you like a sister, cause I am your sister,

Ainsley McKenna, Lieutenant 21st Scottie Illinois Regiment

Happy Mother’s Day

What does the discriminating scottie give her mama foe mothers day? 

Flowers?  No.

Chocolate? No

Dead Bunny Rabbit?  That’s better, but sooooo already done.

How about a walk and a history lesson?

So today I treated my mom to a walk around downtown around the next door city of LaSalle, Illinois. I told her how Lasalle was founded as the terminus of the Illinois and Michigan Canal, and from 1933 to 1953 was known as Little Reno, cause of  all the illegal gambling that filled the downtown on a Saturday night.

Law enforcement reportedly  looked the other way until the feds raided the gambling houses in 1953.  Downtown fell on hard times.

A popular place to stay was the Hotel Kaskaskia, which opened in 1915, and saw such famous guests as Amelia Earhart and Admiral Chester Nimitz. Hotel closed 15 years ago, and as you can tell us gonna take a lot of money to bring it back.

Here me and mama in front of the hotel today.



Anyway, Happy Mother’s day!

Busy as a One Legged Scottie in a Butt Kickin’ Contest

Next week is the official start of the Spring/Summer Visitor Center here at Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises.

Already, just next week alone, we have booked 2 groups of Australians, 1 group of Missourians, 2 groups of locals, and 1 group of CheddarHeads.

Winter is rough on some of the infrastructure here at the facilities and grounds, so I have been quite occupied getting the signage in shape today.

Here I am with my recently renovated sign just outside Parking Lot M, (or Madame Curie).


Please make sure though you remember where you parked your car, but if you forget, a security and customer assistance staffer will be glad to drive  you around to find your vehicle – for a nominal fee, of course.

Happy Cinco de Angus Everyone

Happy May 5th!

It is my brother Angus’s birthday today!  He turns 14 at the Rainbow Bridge today.

I was feeling pretty morose Sunday night, and looking at some old Facebook Videos…and came across this one from April 17, 2014.   I had forgotten all about it, but I really liked this one.

Angus got his Cushings meds wrapped in turkey twice a day.  And to make sure all the turkey didn’t taste like meds, the hoomans would give him a slice or two with no meds.  Hence Angus’s Festively Plump appearance (at least before the Lymphoma took hold late last year).

Also, notice how tormented I am.  I really want the turkey, but because of 4 years of living under Angus’s Patented Zone of Hostility, I wouldn’t dare overstep my place and take the turkey off his back!

I miss my brother.  But I don’t miss being 2nd in line when it comes to begging.