Happy Cinco de Angus Everyone

Happy May 5th!

It is my brother Angus’s birthday today!  He turns 14 at the Rainbow Bridge today.

I was feeling pretty morose Sunday night, and looking at some old Facebook Videos…and came across this one from April 17, 2014.   I had forgotten all about it, but I really liked this one.

Angus got his Cushings meds wrapped in turkey twice a day.  And to make sure all the turkey didn’t taste like meds, the hoomans would give him a slice or two with no meds.  Hence Angus’s Festively Plump appearance (at least before the Lymphoma took hold late last year).

Also, notice how tormented I am.  I really want the turkey, but because of 4 years of living under Angus’s Patented Zone of Hostility, I wouldn’t dare overstep my place and take the turkey off his back!

I miss my brother.  But I don’t miss being 2nd in line when it comes to begging.


15 thoughts on “Happy Cinco de Angus Everyone

  1. We miss Angus, too. It’s been hard to lose his famous words of wisdom. Wishing Sgt. Angus a Happy 14th Birthday at the bridge. Rascal turns 13 on the 17th of May.

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  2. The Devil Ball Southern Division is lined up to salute Angus on his 14th birthday. Leave it to him to choose Cinco de mayo as his birthdate! Ainsley–a double serving of turkey for you today! WestieWaves!

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  3. I love this video, I remember when it was originally posted, I think you are so patient Ainsley, don’t reckon we would have been with Turkey that close … 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  4. It’s a good thing Kyla didn’t see this. She would want to trade her Addison’s (where she got a shot once every 25 days) for Cushing’s and getting daily treats.

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  5. We remember the turkey video as well. Mom had to google turkey and dogs to see that it IS safe for us to eat. Guinness now gets his Cushings meds in turkey too. Another video Mom liked is one where Angus is about 8 and is playing with the hose. That got Mom to start making videos of us so Angus has taught us a lot….remembering ❤

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  6. Happy Happy Birthday to you at the Rainbow Bridge. Please say hello to all the Cairnsmore Scotties and Westies. I’m sure they are joining in in the festivities. This dear little video clip is so sweet. You really have no idea where to lay your paws on that piece of turkey and dear little…sorry mean “obedient” little Ainsley gets the prize in the end while you are shouting for another piece. Love it and so miss you.

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  7. I know you really didn’t mind being second. I bet you got your share of turkey and other goodies. Happy Cinco De Mayo and Happy Birthday to Angus at the Rainbow Bridge

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